Sunday, October 26, 2008

Unveiling of the Blog


That’s right. After countless hours on the computer I have finally gotten the Blog ready for all of you. I haven’t been in front of a computer this long since I worked at Applied Materials. I wanted to bring every journal entry I wrote in the Caringbridge website over to the blog, so it was all in one place. After doing that, I decided I wanted pictures to go along with every entry. So I now have pictures on every entry. Take some time and go back though and you can see the last 3 year journey I have been through. A lot has happened and I have a few new pictures in there. Some of the pics you might really enjoy. (especially the revised bucket list picture)

You can go to the blog right now and this is the first entry and you can follow the instructions from there…..

Now, I will list all the wonderful features the Blog has.
I can have up to 5 pictures on every individual blog I write. They stay there with the blog and I don’t have to change any pictures out. There is no more photo page. I could put up a slideshow of photos, but I think that pretty much have most the pictures I want to show in all of my entries. Also, if you ever want to look back on the blogs the pictures will help you remember the topics I covered.

I can also separate paragraphs so I no longer have to color code paragraphs to separate them.

On the right hand side there is a short version of my profile. You can click on it and see my complete profile where I list my favorite hobbies and interests and stuff.

Below the profile there is the blog archive. As you will see, 91 of my entries were in September because that is when I started copying them over. You can click on a month and then all those blogs will be on the page and you can scroll through the page and see them all. You can also click on the grey arrow to show the list of all the blogs that month if you want to view one particular entry. All the blog entries have a name.

Also on the right you will see the blogs I follow. I have my friend, Jodie’s blog, my friend Nichole’s Caringbridge site, and Kris Carr’s blog. They are links so you can always check them out.

Lastly, on the right you will see my followers. I have ten followers already because I tested the blog out on a small group before the big reveal. You have to set up a Google account to be a follower. It’s pretty simple to do. Just like you did for Caringbridge. Email address and password.

To post a comment you also have to sign in with a Google account. It’s easy.

At the bottom of each blog there is a link to post a comment. Now all the comments will be specific to the certain blog. Scroll to the bottom of the entry and you will see it.

I know you are all used to the Caringbridge site and maybe you may be a little resistant to change. Don’t worry. I think eventually you will be loving the blog before you know it.

I think I know what everyone will miss the most. I think it is the email notifications everyone gets when I write a new entry. I haven’t figured out if the Google blog has any feature for that other that the followers tab, (but you have to go to a certain page to see if the blog you are following is updated). I’ll keep looking into it and see if I can figure it out.

Anyway, I have a solution. Everyone who wants the email notification when I post a new blog can email me and I will add them to a list I’ll keep. Send me your email address and I will make a big group in my email. Then, when I post a blog I will send all of you an email with a link to the blog. It will be just as easy for all of you to go to the blog and see what I wrote and will only take me an extra minute. Please make sure you do this because I don’t want to loose any supporters. I need you. So, send me an email (I am ready for all of them) and give me your email address and let me know that you want me to add you to the notification list. Also, I would love all of your feedback on the new site. What you like and don’t like. Any questions.

From now on, all my Caringbridge entries will only have a link in them to take you to the blog. I will only do this a few times. I want to make sure this is an easy transition for everyone, but eventually, we’ll all need to switch over.

Hope you LOVE it like I love it.
And a new journey begins…..


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Used the Cancer Card and Feel Ashamed

But first, here are some pics of our recent Cedar Point trip. This is how we usually start the day on the Power Towers. Really gets me ready for the coasters.

Kevin in line with me. The lines were not that bad when we were there. Weather was perfect too.
This is my friend, Todd, going on the Top Thrill Dragster. A little nervous. Stranger next to him.
If I hadn't alreay went on it, this would have been on the Bucket List. It gos from 0 to 120mph in 4 seconds while your head is plastered to the seat back. It goes 420 feet hign and drops you at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Top Thrill Dragster is awesome.
Now, let me tell you about my most recent cancer card swipe.

I feel ashamed because I used the cancer card to get out of a ticket. If you don’t know what I mean by the cancer card, let me quickly explain. Once you have cancer, you get preferential treatment from everyone. It soon can become an excuse for everything. Why didn’t you get your work done? Because I have cancer. Why were you so mean to me? I’m dealing with having cancer leave me alone? Why didn’t you get anything done today? Cancer. Why didn’t you email me back? Cancer. It can be an excuse out of everything. Why shouldn’t I impound your car and give you multiple tickets?…….well, I have cancer and have enough to deal with. The sympathy can even pour out of the angriest of officers

Last night as I was driving home from my Young Adults cancer support group meeting, I made a right turn from Rochester to Auburn on a yellow (turning red) light where there is a no turn on red sign. And there he was. Waiting for me. He pulled out and I knew I was in for it. He asked for my insurance which I knew was in my other purse and not in my car yet. Doh! Then, I knew I was in big trouble because I am still sporting the Texas plates (expired) and the Texas registration (expired as well) Then he asked me was where I was going. “Home”. “From where?”

Now I have to say I AM NOT A FAN of using the cancer card. Actually I will tip toe around the subject as much as I can so I can be treated like everyone else. I know I have this whole proud survivor identity, but I don’t like to be completely defined by it and I DON’T like being treated different. Anyway, I didn’t know what else to say. If I just said a support group he might think I was an alcoholic or drug abuser or something. So, I said a cancer support group. He said “you have cancer” and I said yep. Then he asked me if I had anything to drink. I thought this was weird because I just told him I have cancer. Then again there are many people who drink even though they have cancer. But of course I continue to use cancer to get me out of this potential disastrous situation and I say, “The tumors are on my liver. I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in years.” I don’t even know why I said that. Probably because I thought it was a stupid question. (Because we’re not pounding beer at this cancer support group)

This guy was very upset at me for driving with expired plates and registration (can you blame him?). I did in fact try to get this taken care of, but went to Secretary of State on one of the last voter registration days which was a huge mistake and I left wih 40 some people still to be called ahead of me. I explained this to him and I think it got him more upset at me because that was over a week ago. He was talking about impounding my car. (Honestly: wrong plates, expired registration and no insurance card with me not to mention the light. I could have been in trouble.) I THEN told him that I have been flying back and forth to Houston for treatment and testing and my life has been crazy lately (Oh my god Shannon stop with the cancer excuses!!!) I think by now I had spiraled out of control. If he wouldn’t have gone back to his car he would have gotten my life story. But, the cancer card worked. He said he will let me go if I promise the next place I drive is to Secretary of State to get this taken care of. He said he patrols these streets and he will be looking for me.

I don’t like using the cancer card. I feel yucky after I do it, like I did something really wrong. I came home and told Kevin about getting pulled over and I didn’t even tell him I uttered the word cancer because I was so ashamed. I don’t know why it makes me feel so bad. Its one bit of leverage a cancer survivor gets for having to deal with this disease. Why should I feel bad? Anyway, I feel a little bit better like I went to confession except it is me confessing to all of you (and Kevin once he reads this). Maybe that is the only reason why I wrote this?? I honestly don’t know, but I feel better.

Thanks for listening and feel free to chime in If you think it is or isn’t okay to use the cancer card

Thanks for listening and I am off to the Secretary of State

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My 100 Item Bucket List

My dad is a genius with photoshop. We thought this would be hilarious to add me in the movie. And it was. I still crack up when I see this picture. Me Jack and Morgan all all good old friends. I don't know why Jack has to block me out with his arm. lol.

Okay, here is the list I promised. It’s my bucket list. Now, please do not think I am getting ready to die or anything. I would love to call this my dream list or my goals list, but since there was the movie, The Bucket List, it has become a term everyone recognizes. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about two men (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) who are told they will die soon and set out to complete their bucket lists. The bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”. Since we all will eventually kick the bucket I don’t see any harm in writing one. Also, now that I have this awesome list put together I can keep looking to it and make sure I am living my life to the fullest. It was very fun to put together.

I would love to hear what other people would like to have on their bucket lists. Why not write down what would make you life full and complete? It’s a great way to keep your life and goals on track.

The list is in no order by importance. However, I did put certain themes together while I had a ton of extra time while I was at MD Anderson.

My 100 Item Bucket List

1. Go to Alaska
2. Go to the Grand Canyon
3. Climb the Grand Canyon (some of it)
4. Camp and kayak the Grand Canyon
5. Snowboard in Utah, and Lake Tahoe and Mt Whistler
6. Snowboard in the Swiss Alps
7. Go to Hawaii
8. Walk to the top of the Statue of Liberty
9. Go see Saturday night live filmed
10. Go to Niagra Falls
11. Go to Europe and have Kevin show me all around
12. Go see the remaining seven wonders of the world
13. Go to Disney World again as an adult with Kevin
14. Go backpacking in Australia
15. Travel to Africa, South America and Asia (as well as Europe and Australia)
16. Go on the Kinda Ka rollercoaster in New Jersey which is larger than the Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point
17. Do an East Coast road trip with Kevin
18. Go on a cruise with Kevin
19. Go surfing in the Pacific
20. Go base jumping
21. Go on a hot air balloon ride
22. Skydive
23. Go white water rafting
24. Go paragliding
25. Do the rip cord
26. Climb a mountain
27. Jump out of a helicopter on my snowboard at the top of a mountain
28. Go scuba diving where the water is really clear
29. Drive dune buggies in sand dunes and on the beach
30. Take a hip hop class (and be in the recital)
31. Take a jazz or ballet class
32. Learn salsa or ballroom dancing
33. Ride 75 miles on my bike at one time
34. Do 50 pushups in a row and in perfect form
35. Balance in a handstand for a long time
36. Do a back-handspring
37. Exercise every single day of my life and run at least 3 times a week
38. Run 10k races again
39. Become a good golfer
40. Swim with a dolphin
41. Play on a slip and slide
42. Become a public speaker (and not be nervous speaking)
43. Learn how to speak Spanish fluently
44. Get a lot better at playing the guitar
45. Get really good at photography
46. Become a professional necklace maker
47. Solve a rubix cube
48. Learn origami
49. Learn how to play a classical song on the piano (or Piano Man)
50. Go to a Superbowl game
51. See the Lions make the playoffs
52. See the Lions get through the first round of the playoffs
53. See Matt Millen fired (Check)
54. Sit courtside at a basketball game
55. Attend the Olympics
56. Go to a Monday Night Football game
57. Witness a Miracle (check – my nephew Miles Eli being born)
58. Host a successful Art Bra Show and raise $50,000 for Gilda’s Club
59. Write a book and have it published
60. Sell over 1,000,000 copies of my book
61. Write 1,000 journal entries
62. Write a children’s book about health and the environment
63. Get in a popular magazine (someone else writing a story about me)
64. Get an article published in a magazine (that I wrote)
65. Get on a well known talk show to tell my story
66. Start my own business
67. Have the Gilda’s Art Bra show become a national event
68. Complete the Hippocrates Health Educator Course
69. Master the steps of the Greatest Salesman in the World
70. Meditate every single day
71. Learn to forgive
72. Write down 5 good things every day
73. Really have inner peace and love (really)
74. Loose all anger, hate and jealousy for good
75. Make a huge mark on improving the environment
76. Plant a tree
77. Get really really green (more environmental than I already am)
78. Pass the 2 year from diagnosis date
79. Have NED (no evidence of disease)
80. Have 1 million in assets (while still doing everything on my list)
81. Own a Jeep Wrangler
82. Create enough passive income so I don’t have to worry about working anymore
83. Go to a U2 concert
84. Be happy with the paint color I choose for the Kitchen (and have Kevin happy)
85. Have or adopt a child
86. Live on a lake
87. Learn to love wheatgrass
88. Be a member in the audience of a talk show
89. Go whale watching
90. Become a complete vegetarian then vegan then raw vegan
91. Make my home follow all the Feng Sui rules
92. Pick a Lemon from my Lemon tree
93. Go to my 10 year high school reunion (if they actually have one)
94. Stay in a place on a beach for a week or more and do nothing else
95. Get in touch with an old friend from childhood
96. Own an Iphone
97. Get a cool video on youtube
98. Go to a Broadway show
99. Go see The Nutcracker Ballet
100. Have my port hole heal up completely

And there it is. My 100 item bucket list to celebrate 100 journal entries.

Hope you all enjoyed.

Lots of love


Friday, October 10, 2008

Houston, MD Anderson, and no Rental Cars

Tricked you. No list of 100 things this entry. I’m saving it for the next one.

It’s my 100th journal entry though (in Caringbridge not in the blog). Yeah!!!!!

And all you get is an update about my Houston trip.

I didn't take any Houston pictures so here is a couple of our trip to the Cidar Mill the weekend before.

My nephew, Drew came with us too. He loved looking at all the dogs people had there. They are getting big so fast.

Trips to Houston and MD Anderson are never uneventful. Never. Well, I got to the airport at 1:00am and I was tired. As I got into the rental car building I noticed that half of the car rental places were closed. That was weird. So, I went to the Avis counter and asked for a car. She asked if I had a reservation and I said no. Then, she looked at me like I was insane. She said they didn’t have any cars. Then I went to Alamo and National and they didn’t have any cars. Then Dollar and Budget and they didn’t have any cars. There were people who even HAD reservations and they didn’t have cars for them. So at the Hertz counter she explained to me that because of Hurricane Ike all the rental cars were gone because volunteers fly into Houston and drive to Galveston to help with the cleanup. All the rental places stopped taking reservations 4 days ago. No rental cars anywhere. So I had to wait for an hour and take a cab to Paul’s. $60 later I was waking Paul up at 2:00am to let me in, and then also letting him know I needed a ride to MD Anderson in the morning. He loved me.

I spent the entire day at MD Anderson getting Chest X-ray, Bone scan and blood work. I moved my CT scans to the next day, but I was stranded with no car. I walked about 3 miles to some shopping in Rice Village (love the shopping there) and then proceeded to walk to an Enterprise. Even thought they told me all day that they didn’t have any cars I just happened to get there when someone was dropping off a car and I scored. CT scans were the next day and then I went back to Paul’s and sat by the pool and then went on a run around all the mansions around his house. Lot of Oil money in Houston and they love their huge houses.

The last day was the appointment day where I get blood tests every couple hours all day and where I get results. ….and here we go….first, my blood test went down from 394 to 366, so that is good. Not great, but good. The chest x-ray didn’t show anything (good). All my blood work was fine. The CT scan showed all the same spots as before. Some were a tiny bit bigger and some a tiny bit smaller. When it is that close they call it stable because they can cut it different spots for the pictures and the cuts are 3-5mm and none of my changes were more than 5mm, so it could just be cut in a different place. The bone scan report said something about a new spot on my right hip. That doesn’t make sense because I have always had a spot on my right hip. My doctor needed to get clarification that it wasn’t an entirely new spot because if it was, I would get kicked off the study because I would be showing progression. (tumor progression) I guess that the last bone scan didn’t show that spot and now it does, so they consider it progression. I don’t know what to think because I know that it was there before.

The protocol of the study says that if someone has progression on the study (as I do) then they either have to stop the study or increase the dosage. I have no option to keep trying on the same dose. My doctor is skeptical of the “progression” in my hip, so she didn’t want me to stop the study and I feel the same. My blood test went down and I put a lot of weight on that as well as the fact that the other spots are all the same. It doesn’t make sense that only one spot would grow and all others hold still. So I decided to stay on the study but on the increased dose. Only thing about increasing my dose is that I go from taking 100mg to 400mg twice a day. 4 times what I did before. Guess they are worried that my blood counts will go down on this dosage, but we’ll see.

All and all, I really don’t like these visits. It always serves as a reminder to me about my situation. I don’t like reminders. They bring me down. I got this really cool hat for $5 at Urban Outfitters. I was so excited that my hair is long enough that I can wear it for style and not look I wore it to cover up my bald head. I wore it all around Rice Village (Rice University shopping area) and I felt great. Then, I went back to MD Anderson with the hat on and this lady says “that is a cute hat” I say, “thank you”, and then she says “Too bad you need to wear that. Hopefully soon, you won’t have to wear hats anymore” I just stood there and didn’t say anything and thought to myself “I don’t NEED to wear this hat. I want to wear this hat because it’s cute.” See, that’s the thing about cancer centers. Everyone there assumes anything on your head is because you lost your hair. If you have short hair there, you are considered a cancer patient. When I wore a wig people would ask me who colors my hair outside of cancer centers and in cancer centers people would ask me where I got my wig. Nothing gets by them.

THEN, the study nurse proceeded to tell me that the sponsor said that they would only be paying my travel expenses up to my last trip and not even including this trip. WHAAAAAT!!!! And here I went again. I said…. “No Way. She told me that sponsor said they would for sure pay for all of my travel expenses. That weighed heavily (not true, but helps my argument) into my decision as to whether I would do this study or not. I decided to do the study because my expenses were covered, and now that I am two months into it you are telling me my expenses aren’t covered???? You can’t do that to someone. This is my life you are messing with. I can’t just start and stop drugs because people don’t tell the truth. I can’t afford this if you don’t pay for my travel. I also can’t afford to stop the study if it works.” So, the study sponsor is the person behind all of this. I don’t get to talk to the sponsor but boy would I like to. I am trying to get the study nurse to see if there is any possibility for me to do so. Anyway, they are trying to get in touch with this person and see if there is any relief for me. I have spent over $3,000 so far on all my 5 trips to Houston. I am hoping to get most of that back from them (since they are now claiming that this trip isn’t covered). Here is to hoping that they don’t screw me over. At the same time I have to pay back $5,000 lump sum back to short term disability because SS disability paid me first and now I have to pay that back. I always knew the money wasn't ours to keep, but I could use that $3kfrom MD Anderson about now. Money crunch.

Paul got to go to the last blood draw with me because he picked me up there. It was funny. He walked out of the room while they had the needle in my arm. No one likes to be around that. I was joking with him and Kevin about it and Kevin told Paul, “there is no shame in being squeamish around needles.” He's still not comfortable with it after all this experience. I did get to show Paul how nice MD Anderson is. There is a lot of Granite all over that place. I wonder how much research money went into the building. Granite walls, huge granite fountains, huge aquariums everywhere….Hmmmmmm….

Well, as you can see, the big 100 item list is not here for my 100th journal entry. Now, I am listing 101 things for my 101 journal entry. It’s about done, so I’ll put it up in the next couple days. I think we’re going to Cedar Pointe this weekend and I am sooooooo excited. I am such a little rollercoaster addict.

Excited to get home and go to Cedar Point.

Talk to you all soon!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Going Mental

This is the 5 Things Journal Kevin and I write in every single night.

The two books that are inspiring me now.

My vision board.

Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I wrote in here. I have been spending a decent amount of time getting my journal entries and pictures up on the new blog I am moving to. Once I send you all to the new blog, you will see how much time I put into it. Can’t believe I left the Death and Dying entry up for so long though. Didn’t mean to bring everyone down for a long time. So it is time for me to send a surge of positivity and happiness everyone’s way. Get your smiles on.
Lately Kevin and I have been doing a lot (mentally) to change our lives and our perceptions. So far we have found so much more to enjoy and love about life. I want to share with all of you all of the things we have been doing that have been changing our lives.

1. Watching The Secret – This kind of got us started. We get inspired by watching this movie and gave us ideas of things we can do to better our lives. It’s all about the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like.

2. The 5 Things journal – I got this super cute journal for us one day. Basically, every single night we write down 5 good things about ourselves and our day. Like, one day I wrote down that I didn’t get discouraged at an event I usually would. Or I write down that someone wrote to me and told me I had helped them with their life and it made me feel good. See, it’s more than just a checklist of things you did that day. Kevin and I like to share what we write with each-other. It works in a few ways. It raises your self esteem. It lets you go to bed with good thoughts in your mind. It keeps your mind in the right place throughout the day. You pay attention to all the good things that happen throughout your day. Maybe you do some good things so you have something good to write. Nevertheless, you will feel better about yourself for doing something good.

3. You can also do a gratitude journal the same way. Write down 5 things you are grateful for every night. I like to just live my life with gratitude on my mind rather than keep a journal of it. It comes easy for me, but it might be difficult for other people. Maybe I was given a little push to think about what I have in life with the whole cancer diagnosis and all. We have to be grateful for everything we have. Maybe you have a lot and maybe you have a little. If you only have a little and you are not grateful for the little you have, how will you ever be capable of being grateful for any more? This has helped me live with an attitude of gratitude every day. It stops me from thinking about what I don’t have and focusing on what I do have.

4. Vision boards (idea from the secret) – I got a couple cork boards for both of us to add to them whatever we life. It’s supposed to contain something that symbolizes what we want to attain in life. For example (I have the picture up), I have a girl in a yoga position with her back completely arched. This is something I now, cannot do because of the tumor on my bone. One day I hope to bend that way like I used to be able to. I have a picture of the Rack Pack logo representing that I want the group to grow a lot and one day I hope my logo will be nationally recognized. (Why not?)I also have a Jeep Wrangler on there because I have always wanted one. The Honda shows no signs of stopping though (something I am grateful for because I have no payments on it) so it might be a while before I get one. The fun thing about these boards is there are no rules. You can dream about having and doing whatever you want. I have a picture of long eyelashes and long hair on a great body on the board too. (Actually the picture is from my Victoria’s Secret catalogue. I really want more of a muscular lean body, but I haven’t found the right picture yet.)

5. Love lists – even though I did this a while ago I frequently look back on it and remind myself of all the things I LOVE because they make me so happy.

6. Meditation – Give you mind some room to breathe. A calm, open and relaxed mind has the space and the patience to focus on what is important. When your mind is open you have the room to let all the good stuff flood in. I do 5 minutes a day. This way I don’t feel like I am taking a lot of my time up every day, but it is just enough to turn my mind inward and stop thinking about the past or the future.

7. The Greatest Salesman in the World – I heard a ton about this book and it had some awesome reviews. It’s more of a life lesson that a sales instruction book. I got this for Kevin for his birthday (with the intention of reading it myself). It has a bunch of passages (scrolls) you have to read. You read one three time a day for 30 days and then go to the next one. It focuses on the fact that we are slaves to our habits. (As children we were slaves to our impulses and as adults we live in habits and become slaves to our habits) You read it over and over so it becomes a habit and is in your subconscious. It teaches you good habits and in turn ends up pushing bad habits away. Genius!!

8. Jack Canfield’s Key to Living the Law of Attraction – This is a great book/workbook that shortens up the concept from the secret and gives you ideas and exercises on making the Law of Attraction work in your life. These exercises work as a way to reprogram your subconscious mind.

If anyone was looking for some ideas on good books or good exercises that can improve your mental outlook on life hopefully you found some from my list. If you have any ideas of your own I would LOVE to hear them. I’m eating all this stuff up because I am seeing such a huge difference in my life. Kevin and I have a good time talking about good things from our day every night. I think at first he did it just to appease me, but I think he sees the benefit and really likes doing these things. I think he also sees a difference in his life.

I am in the airport and on my way to Houston for the now monthly testing. I will be having 3 CT scans, a bone scan, a chest x-ray and blood work of course. I get to Paul’s at 1:00 in the morning this time. Sorry Paul. I did get him a present from the new Smith Terminal in Detroit in hopes to smooth things over when he has to stay up late to wait for me.

My port hole (aka bullet hole) is healing slowly. Now the area where the tube went to my vein is infected so I am back on meds. It’s pretty painful and red. If it gets worse I might have to get surgery again to clean it out. If the infection gets into my blood then it gets VERY SERIOUS. Crossing my fingers and keeping a close eye on it. I actually started using the garlic and olive oil method from the natural remedies I learned at Hippocrates. Only trouble is I smell like Garlic a little. We’ll see what happens.

Lastly, we are getting close to 20,000 visits on my site. How exciting!! It feels like a little while ago that I was excited about 10,000 visits. Even more exciting though is the fact that my next entry will be my 100th journal entry. How better to celebrate than to make a list of 100 things. I’ll keep you all hanging for now on what I will be listing. I have about 75 though. What is it with me and the lists? I never used to be a list person and now it is the one way I stay sane. It’s fun to do as long as it is a good list like a love list or something.

You all are going to love the new blog I move over to (I hope). I like it a lot better. The best part about it is I don’t have to color code my type like I do in Caringbridge to break up paragraphs. For some reason Caringbridge does not let me space in-between my paragraphs or lines on lists. It also doesn't let me tab. I get all frustrated and I just color code to break up my paragraphs. I bet you have been wondering why I do that. Finally, your question has been answered. I am also getting pictures to go up with every single entry so that is taking me some time. I think I might also add a few entries with pictures in the middle of my break between the first diagnosis and the second diagnosis when I took over a year long break. I had some cute short hair then. Have to get some of those pictures up. Really, I think you’ll love it.

Okay, we’re boarding. Got to go. (Love the Charlotte airport and their free WiFi.)

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