Sunday, October 26, 2008

Unveiling of the Blog


That’s right. After countless hours on the computer I have finally gotten the Blog ready for all of you. I haven’t been in front of a computer this long since I worked at Applied Materials. I wanted to bring every journal entry I wrote in the Caringbridge website over to the blog, so it was all in one place. After doing that, I decided I wanted pictures to go along with every entry. So I now have pictures on every entry. Take some time and go back though and you can see the last 3 year journey I have been through. A lot has happened and I have a few new pictures in there. Some of the pics you might really enjoy. (especially the revised bucket list picture)

You can go to the blog right now and this is the first entry and you can follow the instructions from there…..

Now, I will list all the wonderful features the Blog has.
I can have up to 5 pictures on every individual blog I write. They stay there with the blog and I don’t have to change any pictures out. There is no more photo page. I could put up a slideshow of photos, but I think that pretty much have most the pictures I want to show in all of my entries. Also, if you ever want to look back on the blogs the pictures will help you remember the topics I covered.

I can also separate paragraphs so I no longer have to color code paragraphs to separate them.

On the right hand side there is a short version of my profile. You can click on it and see my complete profile where I list my favorite hobbies and interests and stuff.

Below the profile there is the blog archive. As you will see, 91 of my entries were in September because that is when I started copying them over. You can click on a month and then all those blogs will be on the page and you can scroll through the page and see them all. You can also click on the grey arrow to show the list of all the blogs that month if you want to view one particular entry. All the blog entries have a name.

Also on the right you will see the blogs I follow. I have my friend, Jodie’s blog, my friend Nichole’s Caringbridge site, and Kris Carr’s blog. They are links so you can always check them out.

Lastly, on the right you will see my followers. I have ten followers already because I tested the blog out on a small group before the big reveal. You have to set up a Google account to be a follower. It’s pretty simple to do. Just like you did for Caringbridge. Email address and password.

To post a comment you also have to sign in with a Google account. It’s easy.

At the bottom of each blog there is a link to post a comment. Now all the comments will be specific to the certain blog. Scroll to the bottom of the entry and you will see it.

I know you are all used to the Caringbridge site and maybe you may be a little resistant to change. Don’t worry. I think eventually you will be loving the blog before you know it.

I think I know what everyone will miss the most. I think it is the email notifications everyone gets when I write a new entry. I haven’t figured out if the Google blog has any feature for that other that the followers tab, (but you have to go to a certain page to see if the blog you are following is updated). I’ll keep looking into it and see if I can figure it out.

Anyway, I have a solution. Everyone who wants the email notification when I post a new blog can email me and I will add them to a list I’ll keep. Send me your email address and I will make a big group in my email. Then, when I post a blog I will send all of you an email with a link to the blog. It will be just as easy for all of you to go to the blog and see what I wrote and will only take me an extra minute. Please make sure you do this because I don’t want to loose any supporters. I need you. So, send me an email (I am ready for all of them) and give me your email address and let me know that you want me to add you to the notification list. Also, I would love all of your feedback on the new site. What you like and don’t like. Any questions.

From now on, all my Caringbridge entries will only have a link in them to take you to the blog. I will only do this a few times. I want to make sure this is an easy transition for everyone, but eventually, we’ll all need to switch over.

Hope you LOVE it like I love it.
And a new journey begins…..


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  1. Shannon - to send notifications of new blogs, go to your Settings tab. Under that, select the EMAIL link and that will allow to to input all the email addresses that you want to send notifications to. Whenever you complete a blog, it automatically sends everyone a note. That should save you a lot of time.


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