Friday, December 19, 2008

SNOW SNOW and more SNOW... And Cancer Christmas

Holy Snow!! Yep, it's that time of year again in Michigan. I was planning on going snowboarding today, but we got about 10 inches of snow and it finally just stopped. That means the roads are a crazy mess right now. If I wanted to make it to the mountain (or small hill is a better description) it would take me hours to get there. Never mind that. I'm not leaving the house for the rest of the day.....well, until we go to the Piston's game tonight. (Thanks Kevin and Wendy!)

Cancer Christmas!! This is the best looking group of cancer survivors ever.
Last weekend we had some super fun Christmas parties. I had one with the Young Adults group I am a part of at Gilda's Club. We called it "Cancer Christmas". I love this group so much. We are a melting pot of different kinds of cancers. Brain, lymphomas, sarcomas, thoracic, stomach. My breast cancer seems pretty simple compared to the rest. I quickly learned that even though I consider myself a genius on breast cancer, I know next to nothing about other types of cancer. It's a great learning process being at the meetings. This group is super cool. I love hanging out with them outside of the walls of Gilda's as sometimes, but the walls of Gilda's is what brought us all together. There are even boys in the group which I thought was very exciting the first meeting I went to. That was when I realized I had been to way too many breast cancer groups.

Me and Jessica

Honestly. Isn't this a great looking group?

Kevin and I also got to go to his work Christmas party. It was much more fun this year since I knew everyone better (last year he was brand new). We had been on trips to New Orleans and Chicago with everyone together and hopefully will be going on other trips soon. I got to hear all about how great Kevin is doing at his job now. Go Kevin! Nice timing. I am so proud of him and of course we all know that he deserves only the best in his life.

Love you Kevin!

Here is Kevin's awesome boss, Sean, rocking out on Guitar Hero at the party. The leg kick was his trademark move. The fans loved it.

Last night I joined the local toastmasters group. I want to get better at public speaking and what better way to do it than with a bunch of strangers. I had to do an impromptu speech for 2 minutes. I was scared, but before I went up there I recited The Greatest Salesman Scroll #2 to myself. It's about greeting the day with love in your heart and loving all manners of men. Once I applied that to how I was feeling, I was instantly more comfortable with everyone in the room. I think I did just fine and came across as a likable person. The one thing I will have to work on is my filler words. I think I say "um" and "you know" a lot. I bet if I did a planned speech I would use a lot less filler words though. Anyway, I'm moving forward to crossing off one more thing from my bucket list (Become a good public speaker)

Health update: Well, the old port area is infected AGAIN. Not where the port was, but where the tube went up from the port and connected to my vein. The tube is gone but there is scar tissue making a tube shape still inside me. Inside that area there was infection brewing again. So this morning I drove all the way to Beaumont Royal Oak in this terrible snow storm to see my surgeon. She had to give me a shot to numb me up (OUCH!!!! I guess it burns way more when you have a bad infection) and then she made a little slice in my skin where the tube area is and she let all the yucky infection stuff drain out. Then she pushed and squeezed and took a syringe to suck out the rest (OUCH AGAIN!!!) I love her to death but have a bad association with every time I see her. I drive through all that crap for an experience like that??? Not a fun morning. I now just have a bandage over it and hopefully I will get better. Once again, I have antibiotics because I could get a blood infection. Sucks. I really hope this is the end of it and I can completely heal. It's been months for crying out loud (literally)

That's about all for now. I'll write soon....Oh, I found Halls Natural. Check it out at CVS or Wallgreens. The ingredients are all natural compared to the regular Halls with Asparthame and other stuff I cannot pronounce. Yeah Halls! Good job!

Love you all. Drive safe you crazy Michiganders

Shannon : )

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