Monday, May 11, 2009

Shannon and Chloe Purina Video Debut

Hey all,

This is a picture of me getting bamboo towels from my Grandma and mother for my birthday. They are so soft. (more on this at the bottom of the blog. Mini health lesson below)
The debut of the Chloe Purina Cat Chow video is coming, but I got a sneak of course all of you get one too. I'm actually really happy with how it turned out. I've been burned by media before (interviewing you for over an hour and then only telling 2 minutes of your story can really skew things if that is what they want) For this 2 minute video there were hours of video footage, so I was really hoping that when it was pieced together it was a true example of me, Chloe and our story.

Chloe does look a little fat with the way I am holding her in the video. I had to explain to her that the camera adds about 10 lbs. : ) No really, she just has so much fur that she looks way bigger than she really is. There's just an 8lb skinny kitty underneath all that hair. I can tell I look made up more than usual, but it doesn't look like nearly as much makeup they actually put on me so that's good. Every time I watch, I want to go in the video and rub off all the makeup from my face though.

The video is a little sappier than I am used to. The music in the background almost made me get a little sentimental. I guess that's what they're trying to do; pull at your heartstrings. Anyway, I think the video is great and I proudly share it with you. Thank you Jennifer and Jennifer of JSH&A.

Click here to watch the video.

Other quick news....
The day after my birthday my trusty 1996 Honda Accord with 152,000 miles decided the birthday presents I got so far were not enough. It decided that I needed a new car too and it died on me. The transmission is gone. I've been car shopping since. Hectic, but fun.

In addition to getting a car (hopefully soon) I also got an Iphone from my in-law family (Wendy, Kevin, Keith, Jen and Roger and Edie) Thank you so much!!!! I LOVE IT. What a fun toy. I have been searching apps, adding music and pictures etc etc. What fun. Anyone have any favorite apps?

My grandma and mom got me some bamboo clothes from a store we saw in Scottsdale when I was in Arizona. Not sure if any of you have ever felt bamboo clothing, but oh my, it is softer that organic cotton. It feels so nice.

Mini health lesson. Here is why bamboo clothing is so good for you and the environment:

It's soft - more breathable than cotton. (nice for women on hormone therapy for cancer who get hot flashes at night). They actually say it is thermal regulating. Warmer in cold weather and cooler in warm weather.

It's antibacterial - bacteria cannot grow on the fiber (no mildew or mold either)

Naturally organic - Bamboo grows so friggin fast pesticides and fertilizers are never used on it (cotton is the #1 plant in pesticide use in our country which is why organic cotton is so much better to use)

It's 100% biodegradable

It's hypoallergenic (if will not give you any skin issues or cause you to be allergic to it)

It dries easily - will not use as much energy to dry.

Anyway, I hope you like the video
Peace and kisses to our kitties (or dogs or whatever pets that keep us happy)


  1. what a sweet video! yall both look great! and your wonderful personality and sweet story are making me tear up( ok, and the music helps out too.....) thanks for sharing the video!

  2. I think the video is great! It looks like you were working with people who really wanted to share YOUR story, not make your story fit their agenda! So will we be seeing this on TV?

  3. Just online for starters. That's al I know about the video for now.

  4. I'm weeping at my desk, you jerk. ;P

    This is so, so incredible. You did an awesome job, you are a natural.

  5. Yo - little sister! I lost your info again, but I found your blog... I need your expertise about something as I head into new scans, etc! Do you still have my email address? Can you email me? I haven't had a chance to read through your blogspot yet, but I plan to over the holiday weekend. I miss you, it was wonderful to see you last month and I want to make plans to come to your event in Sept. if you still need models I love you. Take care.

    Brenda (Austin)


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