Monday, January 18, 2010

Photo Shoot With Mellissa and Uncle David

My Uncle David's girlfriend is a really good photographer. She wanted to take some pictures of me. These are the pictures of me and Uncle David goofing around before the more serious pictures started.
I still had a fever so while they were getting me ready for the shoot I was wrapped up in a blanket. Actually, I have been wrapped up in this blanket the whole time I have been here. We called these pictures our Snuggie Model pictures.
We were supposed to be making cold faces, but I was just smiling.

Uncle David's commentary during the shoot kept me laughing.

Uncle David had me cracking up most of the shoot.
This is our catalogue model picture. Don't we look really surprised by what we are looking at?

Anyways, there are more pictures of just me. I'll put those up on another post. I think Melissa did a really good job.

I'm flying home tomorrow.
Feeling better. Still have fevers and pain, but it is getting better, so that's good.

Lots of love


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  2. You look awesome, Shannon! I hope you were able to enjoy California and the great weather!

  3. I can't get over your hair... those Penguin caps are unreal!! I had read about them when I went through treatment, but at the time I think they were only using them in the UK. And your eyes have a magic sparkle about them! Looks like your getaway was an awesome idea!


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