Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm in Arizona

Here is me and Kevin at my grandma Arlen's birthday party. This is my new wig and Kevin has his new glasses on. He's worn contacts for about 6 years and finally got a couple pairs of glasses. I think he looks cute with them. My hot husband.

Uncle David and his girlfriend, Melissa, came into town and were able to be at grandma's birthday party. This is the very talented Melissa who took the pictures when I was in California. Think Uncle David is doing Blue Steel.
Kevin got me flowers for Valentines day and man, they were beautiful. I loved them.
This is our niece Riley at her 1st birthday party. She got the biggest smile when we put the birthday hat on her. She should be a baby model. I call her Smiley Riley.
Well, surprise...I'm writing from Arizona. Yep, my grandma Arlen decided to go out to her Arizona house and open it up for a couple weeks, so I decided to come out with her since I am always searching for a way to get away from Michigan weather. I'm only staying a week though. I just got here today so my next blog I will be writing about Arizona. Uncle David and Melissa and my cousin Luc will be coming out here this weekend, so it will be a nice family get together. I'm excited.

I can tell you about my travels out here though. A while back I got bad bone pain again. Once that went away I got bad liver pain. Once that went away I got really bad pain under my left rib. We did a CT scan to see if it was a blood clot in my spleen, but nothing showed up. So, it's a mystery pain, but it is intense. I cannot stand up straight it hurts so bad. My doctor told me to use the Fentanol patch which is a pain relief patch you put on your arm. If I still have pain I'm supposed to take Dilaudid. I did that this morning, but I think the two combined are way too much for my stomach. My in-laws, Roger and Edie, took me to the airport. I was throwing up in a bucket the entire way to the airport. It was rough and I felt bad for them. I kept asking them to pull over so I could dump the bucket, but then I would throw up again. Luckily, I got it all out in the car and I didn't have any issues on the airplane. I did get a compliment on my puking skills though. Roger said I am really quiet, so that's good. : )

I've adjusted to being bald and I do like my new wig. I still have another wig on its way but it's on backorder in Germany. I can't wait to get it. The chemo I am on now does not really seem to be working because my liver tumors have grown since the last scan I had. Next time I get chemo we're switching to Exempra. I need to look it up and see what side effects to expect. I've only had one transfusion since the last time I wrote in the blog which is an improvement. I just wish we could find a chemo that worked and didn't screw with my body so bad.

I am so glad that everyone liked my idea of the indoor water park. I guess there are two already in existence, one in Japan and one in Germany. Now, we need one in Michigan. It's fun to dream.

I'm happy to tell you all that we have started planning the Bras for a Cause show for 2010. It will be at Royal Oak Music Theatre again Saturday, September 18th. We're going to have way more food and a lot more seating. We learned so much from last year and I think this year will be incredible. I hope to raise between $75,000 - $100,000. Last year we did $50,000, so I think it's possible.

Well, we all know I don't do much because I sit home all the time and have family and friends come over and take care of me, so there's not much more to write about. I appreciate everyone's help. I also have people cooking for me and that has been a huge help to Kevin and I. I am so lucky to have so many caring people in my life. THANK YOU!!!!! I love you all!

Take it easy. I'll be soaking up the sun and I'll tell you all about it.
Lots of love and sun


  1. Lisa Owens & Micah TaylorMarch 4, 2010 at 12:13 AM

    I'm 100% ready to volunteer for BFAC 2010!! I wanted to last year, but had issues of my own, so this year I'm ready to roll!! Keep me updated please with what I can do! Also, let me know what Micah & I can do for you just on a regular basis...Dinners, gift cards to dinners (if you're up to it) etc. We would LOVE to do anything that would help :) xoxo

  2. I look forward to your updates Shannon. hope you are Kevin are well. I think about you guys often. Hope I can stop procrastinating and submit something to BFAC this year. :)


  3. Shannon I love the wig!!! Kevin looks great in glasses too! I'm back from my travels and plan on bringing you some of my slamming baked ziti! Take care and enjoy the sun.

    See you soon.


  4. Glad your enjoying the weather.Your chimney will be fixed when you get back.Have fun, enjoy yourself,and when you go out take pics to look at when you get back. Feel free to bring that weather back with you!


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