Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bras For a Cause Art Bra Show hosted by the Rack Pack benefiting Gilda's Club Metro Detroit.

Saturday, September 12th, 2009 at Royal Oak Music Theatre, in Royal Oak Michigan Art Bra Show Time!!! Mark your calendar now and read on please. It is time that I write about something else that has been keeping me busy. Besides doing my affirmations, making lemonade and juice, my cottage cheese/flax oil concoction, swallowing a million supplements a day, making coffee for reasons mentioned in previous blogs, doing yoga, working out, sitting in the sauna, meditating, getting colonics, going to the chiropractor, going to my doctor, and everything else I do, I am also planning a HUGE fundraiser for Gilda's Club with some incrdible people. It will be similar to the art bra shows I have been a part of in Austin. I have some pics of art bras from the Austin shows we have done with the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls

Here is a cute one Barb got to wear. The oinwheels actually spun around.
Here is one made out of metal. They was also one made out of glass that was awesome, but I cannot find the picture.
This one of a dragonfly is all tiny seed beads. Must have taken forever.
Mardi Gras time!!

Butterfly wings.

For those of you who have been following my story for a while you will remember me doing the art bra show with the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls in Texas benefiting the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Austin. That one still goes on and I will be there again this year (April 18th Austin people. Hope to see you then.) Well, I am also bringing the Art Bra show back to Michigan with me and we are calling it Bras for a Cause. The event will be held by the Rack Pack (the young women with breast cancer group I formed with friends) and it will benefit Gilda's Club Metro Detroit.

Here are the very important specifics:
* The date is Saturday, September 12th 2009 (Mark your calendars NOW)
* It will be held at the beautiful Royal Oak Music Theatre
* We will have artists selling local art, tons of silent and live auction items, tons of fabulous art bras created by survivors, celeberties, and whoever else can make them. A select group will be silent auctioned and then some will be modeled in a show by survivors and live auctioned.
* There will also be food and drink.
* My uncle, Dave Coulier, will be hosting the live auction and bra fashion show. I do want all my family to be at the event, but since he is famous, I am putting my uncle to work a little too ; )
* I am also planning on speaking at the event. I'm practicing my public speaking skills already. (Gulp!)
* It will be fun, hip, uplifting and all for a great cause. (please read the older post on what Gilda's Club means to me and other survivors if you would like to know more)
* I am determined that this event will be huge the first year I do it.
We could use all of your help though. Start thinking about all of your contacts and who you know......are you thinking?????
Okay now, here is what we need from you:
* Items/gift cards donated for the silent and live auction
* Local artists to sell their art or donate art for the auctions (booth cost $100)
* Corporate sponsors (opportunities from $250 to $5,000)
* Fabulous art bras made by artists, celebrities, or anyone who wants to really
* Vendors to donate some food (heavy apetisers and deserts)
* Vendors to donate for liquor and beverages
* Someone to donate long tables X10 or more (all together, not one per person or anything)
Don't worry, we're on top of this, but everyone who reads my blog is so supportive. Why not use your contacts too???
There are many other factors that go into planning a huge event like this. I am learning as I go. I'm sure I will think of other stuff I need, but I'm starting to plan way ahead.
So far we already have some very promising things for the auction. Big ticket items. I am so happy that we have such a successful start.

Oh yeah, another thing I need is ALL OF YOU TO BE THERE. Make sure to get your butts there. When ticket sale time is around, I need all of you to buy a ticket (Tickets will be from $30 to $40. We're still deciding) This event is going to be my pride and joy. While I do not have a career as a project manager or a planner, I have now created this as the new project I can manage and plan. Planning this event makes me really feel like I am contributing to the world. I know I contribute with my writing too, but I need something I tangible.

Once again, I feel very strong about donating to Gilda's Club. It is a completely free place anyone can turn who has been impacted by cancer. There is a growing number of young adults with cancer who are looking for support and companionship at places like Gilda's Club. We hope that this event will get the word out that there is a place for young survivors and survivors of ANY age as well as their friends and family to go and find support. I honestly feel better every time I walk out the big red door of Gilda's Club.

Please contact me if you want to get involved by donating anything or if you have a contact that would like to donate. You can also let me know if you are interested in going to the event and I will keep your contact info so I can sell you a ticket. Ticket sales will be much further down the road. My email is iezzzi@hotmail and my cell number is 248-343-4884. You can also leave a message on the blog or send me a Facebook message. See how flexible I am being? So many options for contacting me.

Okay, keep thinking on how you can contribute to the first annual Rack Pack's Bras for a Cause Show!!!! It's going to be so awesome and fun. Yeah!!
Next blog I have a health lesson and a few REALLY GOO and EASY healthy recipes. YUM!!!
Take care everyone and Bras for a Cause
Shannon : )


  1. I am VERY excited for this event and can't wait for it.. I'm hoping I'll be able to help... an extra set of hands for set-up or registration or something... don't be shy, ask me when you are ready to dish out some assignments. ((Hugs)) Carina

  2. dude i think they were so nice ... you should make more .


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