Thursday, March 5, 2009

My New Language

Kevin and I got a new Cannon Rebel DSLR camera. I'm still just getting used to it with the automatic settings, but I had fun getting some cute shots with my nephew Miles while I was babysitting him. He grabs his feel all the time.
This past morning I felt inspired to take a pic of part of the morning routine as the sun was shining in. Lemonade, coffee, fish oil, my many many supplements, liquid chlorophyll (yummy). Oh, and some Truvia (which is the sweetener made from Stevia which I told you all about. I don't use it, because I just use liquid Stevia. I got it to show all of you so.) Ahhh, good morning.
Miles is probably getting teeth soon because he puts everything in his mouth.
Miles has some incredibly big blue eyes. He's such a happy baby.
Quick update stuff first before I blog:

Hormone therapy is going fine. I have no side effects yet.
I now see a chiropractor that I really like and I already feel more flexible. Yeah!
Kevin and I have an every Monday night Yoga date now. Also helping with flexibility.
We are going to Arizona next Wednesday March 11th and I will be there until the 19th (Kevin flys back the 15th I think) We're staying at my grandmother's in Sun City and we will be taking a short trip to the Grand Canyon. I'm sure we'll have some good pictures to go up on the blog.

Okay, last picture. Chloe getting some water tonight. She's my new glamour shots kitty now that I have the new camera.

This post is about my new take on language and what changes I am making to mine:

First word I am eliminating from my language is should. Should is a bad word that people use all the time. What is wrong with should??? Well, when you say you should do something you are implying that you are automatically wrong if you don't do it. For example: "I should write a new blog post before I leave for Arizona" If I don't, what is implied here with the word should is that it would be bad. Okay, now insert the word could. "I could write a new blog post before I leave for Arizona." Now this sounds like great opportunity I could have instead of being bad for not doing something I SHOULD do. I got this from the book You Can Heal Your Life, and I agree with it. I do everything I can to replace the word should with could. I do 10 pushups if Kevin can catch me saying it. Honestly, try it out. Try a couple sentences. It almost feels like a weight off your shoulders when you use the word could instead.

Another word I am trying to eliminate from my language is fight. YES FIGHT. I will no longer FIGHT cancer. No more winning the fight, battle, or whatever else people say I am doing to cancer. When people tell me I will win this fight or how good I am fighting, I kind of ignore the comment and say to myself that this person is wishing me health. That way they are still helping me which is what they are trying to do. Here is the reasoning for eliminating the word fight. We attract into our lives what we focus on and give our attention to weather it is negative or positive attention. So if I constantly focus on FIGHTING cancer than I will most likely attract cancer into my life. I know if sounds weird that this can happen but I believe in it. It's really tough because fighting stuff we don't want has become so popular and commonplace in our society. It's our usual language. So instead of fighting cancer I will be focusing on health. So, if you start talking to me about fighting cancer and I look like I am zoning out, well, just know that I am translating that into a positive message about health in my head. 

To take this to another level it is wise to eliminate all negative language from your vocabulary. I'm going to stop focusing on what I don't want and start focusing (and talking) about what I do want. I am trying not to focus on not wanting MY CANCER to come back, and focus on being healthy in the future.

Another phrase I am eliminating is "my cancer" "my tumors" or I HAVE cancer. All together I will be trying to say the word cancer as least a possible (after this blog where I feel like I am saying this word a million times). The reason for not saying my cancer was given to me by a hypnotherapist I saw. He says that it is human nature to want to hold on to the things we own. If we have things,we tend to want to keep our things. He says the same thing goes for cancer and any other health condition. My cancer will make me in a subconscious way, hold on to my cancer. I don't want to do that. It's hard to re-word everything I say, but I believe it is worth it. I know it makes people sometimes get suspicious that I have issues, but so what. So, rather than say I HAVE cancer I say I was diagnosed with cancer. Other words I can use are dealing with, facing, challenged with etc..

Here are some other language changes I am making: If someone finds out I was diagnosed with the "c" word they always ask and assume "so you are in remission right?" or "you beat it right". The last thing I want to do is confirm to them and myself that no, I still have my cancer. Instead I will say something like "my treatment is going very well, or everything is going great." I'm not trying to be secretive about anything, but I don't want to cost myself any health by trying to explain to people what is going on inside my body. My hypnotherapist told me that at a subconscious level, our language impacts our health. The things we say can shape our lives. 

Anyway, just thought I would write about the language changes to explain to you all why I might seem secretive when I am trying to answer a question. I now it seems a little crazy to be so aware of the exact wording you use when you talk, but I'm trying to do EVERYTHING I can to give myself a longer happier and more fulfilling life.

Well, we're super excited to leave for Arizona so soon. I think we'll go to the Canyon, Sedona and at least one spring training game while we are out there. I might go bead shopping with my grandma so I can bring home some original beads for making jewelry. Anyway, we'll see where the trip takes us. It will be great for Kevin to be on vacation.

Peace love and lots of cool pics coming


  1. I love your new take on language and how you plan to change yours. You are so positive!

    Hope you have a great trip to Arizona! Can't wait to see your pictures. By the way, how do you like your new camera? I would love to hear more about it, we are in the market for a new DSLR.


  2. have fun on your trip, can't wait to see photos! and let's hang out again soon, when you get back, ok?

    i want to eat up that baby! but it's not on my diet, so he's safe. haha. ;)


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