Monday, September 21, 2009

Bras for a Cause - BIG SUCCESS

The First Annual Bras for a Cause Show Was a Complete Success.
Myself, Michael Radner, and Sarah Angelini.

We had Shutterbooth there. Here I am with my sister and brother in law right before I had to do my speech.
See in my hands is my speech rolled up.
I love this booth. It's so fun.
Think we'll have a photo booth next year too.

It’s funny when I think back to the day I walked into the executive director of Gilda’s Club’s office and introduced myself as a new member. I first mentioned that I would like to start a group for young women with breast cancer. Then I started to tell him about a fundraiser I would like to plan for them that I think would raise a lot of money. I knew at the time I was the only one who could see it the way I did. The amazing thing is, when I was up there on stage the night of Bras for a Cause, I realized the night was everything I had imagined in my head. And I'm a big dreamer too.

I remember saying confidently that I could sell 300 tickets to this show. We ended up selling 530 tickets. I also remember saying with confidence that I could raise $25,000 with this fundraiser. Once I started crunching numbers in my head I realized 25,000 was too easy of a target for me, so I doubled it. It’s after the show and I have crunched the numbers and we have raised $50,000. How amazing is that????? I need to have this kind of determination with being healthy, because I think a determined mind can accomplish anything.

I am so proud of myself, the committee, the models, my family and friends. It’s amazing planning fundraisers, because you meet so many people who are good deed doers. I met so many generous people willing to help. We had incredible programs, auction items, amazing art bras, models, vendors and great food. Everything was wonderful.

I was running around like crazy and hiding back stage with my uncle trying to get the nerve up to go on stage and thank everyone. I was so nervous going on stage that it started to interfere with my enjoyment of the night. My fingers went numb before I walked out there and I thought I was going to throw up. When I went out there I held my uncle in a hug and asked him to stay up there with me. That helped. Once I started talking everything was fine though and I was able to thank everyone appropriately. Then, afterwards I was able to take a deep breath out and enjoy the night.

Everyone said I didn't seem nervous on stage. I was actually fine once I was out there. Think the torture was getting ready to go out there and the anticipation.

Kevin bringing back our live auction art bras. "Bee Cups" and "Living Life to the Fullest"

We learned a lot this first year, but for a first year event I don’t think we could have done better. Our biggest shortcoming was that we sold way more tickets than expected and we didn’t have quite enough food for everyone. Please feel free to post as many comments as you would like on the blog and we'll take them all into consideration. Tell us what you liked and what we can improve on.

Here are some of the best compliments we got

“No first year event goes that smooth.” Manager of Royal Oak Music Theatre

“You know it’s a good event when the crazy people start buying tickets” Royal Oak Music Theatre’s box office

Other’s told me they haven’t felt that good in a long time and were truly inspired. That makes me feel so good, that we not only raised a ton of money, but we held an inspirational event.

Nancy Armstrong, myself and Alyson Thrift (3 Rack Pack and committee members) getting everything ready for the show at Royal Oak Music Theatre.

The marquee the day of the show.

The most important thing to me was that the models enjoyed themselves. They loved it. They loved being models and they loved the event and meeting each other. That was probably one of the most important things to me was that survivors enjoyed this event and it made them feel good. That’s what it’s all about for me. We deserve that day where we can just feel good about being a survivor and enjoy it with everyone.

Very soon I will be getting all the professional pictures my dad took of the night. Once I get those, I will post a photo album with all the pictures on the website.

Lastly, if you were a volunteer and have the pink lanyard we gave you, we are trying to collect them all back. Please contact me and we'll figure out a way to get them back.

Thank you everyone for your involvement in Bras for a Cause and for your support. I am truly so proud of all of us.

Lots of love



  1. You are awesome. And an inspiration. I know you roll your eyes at that, but you better just suck it up. ;P You did such an awesome job. I can't believe how much it raised, that is amazing!

  2. What a triumph for your first year!!! You'll be able to put this on in your sleep next year, congratulations!

  3. You are absolutely amazing. Congratulations. I am so happy for you. $50,000 ... remarkable!

  4. Shannon -- I can't say enough positive things about you, your team and this event. It was well-organized, professional, emotional, fun, entertaining and creative. I am proud to know you all and would be thrilled to work with you anytime.

    -- Laura Ortiz, GCMD Communications Director


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