Sunday, September 27, 2009

What am I doing now??? It's always changing.

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Here I am with my new treatment I am trying. 72 enzymes a day.
This is how I really feel about taking all these supplements every day at times. It gets a little old.

I left you all hanging. Before the Art Bra Show I told you how the pain that put me in the hospital was one of the tumors on my liver growing. Of course I went for CT scans, PET scans, blood work and everything was grim and gloomy. Masses were larger and my blood work went WAY up. The doc wanted me to start chemotherapy immediately. I was supposed to get a biopsy of the liver, a new port put in (this time on the other side) and I was supposed to start chemotherapy all before the art bra show. Nice huh?? I friggin HATE chemo. I can’t stand it. I’ve done WAY too much of it. If I keep at this rate I won’t die from cancer, but from too much chemo. I also was not looking forward to more surgery, biopsies etc…

So, of course I freaked out and got depressed. I was close to giving in and doing all of that in one week. Instead I started looking into more alternative things I can do. It led me to some enzymes called Solozyme and stuff called Cesium. The enzymes are pancreatic enzymes that you take in VERY large doses (like 72 a day). What they are supposed to do is break down the protective barrier on tumors and then digest up tumor masses and flush them through your bloodstream to get eliminated from your body. A doctor cured himself from pancreatic cancer with these and has cured many more once he started making these available to everyone. The Cesium alkalizes your body and is supposed to starve the cancer cells to death. That’s as medical I am getting in the blog, but I at least wanted to explain a little how I believe these could help me.

The thing with the enzymes is that as they digest up the tumor cells and they enter your bloodstream you feel like shit. Same thing with the Cesium. Tumor cells are filled with toxins, so a HUGE part of this protocol is detoxing daily with the coffee enemas. Since I already did this, it was easy for me. However, even with the coffee enema you still have a lot of toxins in your body. Let’s see, you feel achy, feverish, nauseous, irratible, tired etc etc… All these symptoms are supposed to be signs that it is working and removing cancer cells. I can honestly say that since I have been taking these, I have lost weight because I feel nauseous a lot, I have goosebumps on my arms regularly and I’m always cold, I am SO achy and I am tired all the time. I think about taking naps a lot and I am NOT a nap person. I’ll deal with this feeling all the time if it means I am ridding myself of tumor cells though.

Why is chemo not the cure??? Well, I talked to multiple oncologists about my situation and I got a certain vibe. The vibe was that I was not expected to live long even with the chemo. If that is the case, screw the chemo. Chemo is not a cure anyways. Maybe I can try something natural that actually has been a cure to so many.

Anyway, no friggin chemo for me. That’s the plan for now. Like I have said before, I will keep trying and trying until I find the magic combination that will make me completely healthy and cancer free.

Anyway, we all have our opinions. I respect everyone’s opinion, but only I get to decide what I do and no one else. It’s my life and my body so that means I am the head honcho. I call all the shots.

I’ll keep you all posted on how things go, but we have to give it time. Glasses up and let’s toast to health. AND to the LIONS!! Holy crap!! They won finally!!! Can you believe it!


  1. No, I can't believe the Lion's won! I know you don't need everyone's opinion about what your doing. But I'm super opinionated and will give mine anyway! lol I LOVE what you are doing. I think chemo is the way to go for some, but it's not the only answer. I LOVE that you research everything and try to take the best course. I think that our bodies often times respond better when we do things more naturally. I love Dr's and I love medicine, but when appropriate. I think you have found a perfect balance for yourself and that your a model example and a great inspiration for all of those around you! GO SHANNON!! :)

  2. I support your decision ... and wish you all the best!

  3. I support any decision that you choose but I am wondering what the reaction of your doctors has been. Supportive, neutral, negative?

  4. You have to do what is in your heart. We will continue to pray for you ~ God works miracles and it sounds like you a great plan to help along the way! :o)

  5. That comment was from Me - Shawna in ROund Rock, Texas! :o)

  6. CRAP, THAT IS A LOT OF PILLS. If I take that many, do you think the Steelers and Penn State might stop blowing the lead in the 4th quarter (or maybe have the Offense show up in the second half). When will you be making it back down to Austin? We finally stopped having the 100+ degrees of heat and I want a board game rematch over at the Kuperstoch's.

    Chuck from Round Rock

  7. Not sure what opinions you are hearing from everyone, but while I have not known you long, one thing that I do know is that you always have a plan and you always put your health and happiness first, which is the way it should be. If chemo is not for you, it is not for you. PERIOD. Praying that you have found the magic pill (or 72 pills that is). Good luck and hang in there. Everyone who knows you knows your strength is stronger than cancer.
    On a side note, let's also pray for a State miracle against UM this weekend. Home advantage hopefully trumps bad record. ;)


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