Friday, April 10, 2009

Austin - St Louis - Chloe the cat model - Health Status - MSU game

Very exciting news - I am flying out to Austin right after that for a visit and to attend the Graphic Art Bra Show (the original art bra show that inspired me to do one here in Michigan) I'll be attending as a guest and taking it all in. No art bra modeling for me this time. The show is Saturday April 18th for Austin people interested. Go to (not .com) to buy tickets online. ****I was told there are only 50 tickets left. None will be sold at the door as they are expecting to sell out by next Tuesday so get you tickets NOW**** I fly out Friday the 17th night and fly back to Michigan the following Tuesday. I cannot wait to see everyone, be warm in the Austin weather and be inspired to throw a fabulous show here in Michigan just life the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls and the Breast Cancer Resource Center have done for three years now in Austin.

My friend from Hippocrates, Debbi, was in town a while back and we shared a wheatgrass shot. I forgot to make Jason (another freind from Hippocrates) take a wheatgrass show with me while he was over and get a picture. Then, we could send the pictures to Hippocrates so they could be proud of us for keeping the diet up.
Other news (very exciting news) Chloe is going to be a cat model. We were selected to be in an ad for Purina where breast cancer survivors had cats that were important to their healing and happiness through treatment. Sounds like something right up our alley huh? My friend Rebecca found me the opportunity. Thanks Rebecca!! We fly to St. Louis April 14th and come back the 15th. Chloe is practicing all of her cat poses. Sniffing, looking in the distance, crazy "I''m going to attack you" face, blue steel...yeah she knows them all.

This is her, bad cat pose where we tell her to get down and then wash all our glasses.
Well, Monday's State game was hard to watch. A couple things amazed me. People were not mad as they left Ford Field and neither was I. It wouldn't have amazed me if they lost a close game (and people didn't get mad), but they were killed. I think people overall are looking to be more positive and that's awesome. The common attitude towards MSU basketball is "Awesome run through the tournament State" rather than being upset by them getting killed by a team with basicly 7 NBA players. I'll NEVER forget how much fun the Final 4 game was.

Quick health update - since my blood test went up we decided to do an ultrasound to look in my abdomen and at the liver. Well, they found some very small new spots on my liver. At the same time, the large liver lessions I have had for years shrunk a decent amount. One shrunk from 2.8cm to 2.1cm. That's a big difference where I would be jumping on my couch with my shoes on about the news, if I wasn't thinking about these new spots. Don't know how to feel. Guess I'll pick happy. I will stay on the hormone therapy and get another blood test soon and see how things are going. The spots are very small so they could have been missed on a CT scan so they might have been there for a while. That is what I am going to convince myself of because I think something must be going right if the larger ones are shrinking.

I feel great so that's what matters.
Anyway, have a great Easter if you celebrate it. I cannot wait to get together with the family and the take off to go cat model with Chloe.

Lots of love and daffodils blooming (I just bought some)


  1. I've been following your blog for months and you are so incredibly inspiring. You have an amazingly positive attitude!

    Have a wonderful photo shoot with your kitty...she's very pretty!

  2. You and Chloe are SO FAMOUS! How cool is that? I wish I could attend the bra show with you in Austin, but I will be busy at my incredibly cool new job at The Plantation House (yep, the place I got married!) Hopefully I'll get to see you at some point while you're in town. Keep me updated on any shenanigans you've got going on!

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