Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hey Hey! Exciting stuff going on with the blog. I Finally got Kevin to write a little something to all of you. I let him write away and then read it afterwards. It does focus a little too much on me, but now he promised to write again about his point of view. I thought it would be cool for everyone to see his perspective of being the husband with the Stage IV cancer diagnosed wife who writes about it all the time, goes to support groups, plans events to help those groups, does coffee enemas, wheatgrass implants, colonics, juices, makes smoothies, all sorts of weird raw concoctions, get crazy water filters, infrered saunas, goes to Vibe sessions and takes over 50 supplement pills a day. Yeah, I sound like a crazy person. Aren't you curious how he continues to be my knight in shining armor???? Maybe he needs to do some major venting?? Who knows. We'll see next time.

Next blog is on COLON HEALTH. FUN!!!

Take it away Kevin.......

Shannon had asked for me to write a guest blog a few weeks ago and I have been procrastinating pretty effectively. I have been dragging my feet for several reasons. The main reason is that I have some pretty big shoes to fill. Shannon has a way of telling a story, or sharing an experience and making us feel connected. It is almost like we live vicariously through her. Over the past few years her blogs have inspired us to be better people, to do more with our lives, and get the most out of life's precious moments. They have taught us the importance of eating healthier, exercising more frequently, detoxing and cleansing our bodies. They have made us laugh, and on occasion made us shed a tear. She has helped us put things in perspective. She has helped us realize that little things that used to ruin our days, aren't such travesties after all. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that she has helped each and everyone of us improve our lives in some way, shape, or form. She has ultimately helped us all to be become better people.

I cannot promise that my blog is going to have quite the impact on your lives. My only hope is that it will not lull you to sleep.

I do want to impart some wisdom while I am up on the soapbox though. For starters if you are going to go on a long bike ride check the weather channel first. If there is going to be a torrential downpour, hail and 75 mile an hour winds you may want to prolong your bike ride until the storm blows over. Also, if you are going to need to get home in a hurry, it may not be a bad idea to plan your trip so you are working with gravity and not against it on your return route. Last but not least, avoid tree's, transformers and trailer parks during an electrical storm. As you may have guessed Shannon and I got caught in a huge storm this weekend while out riding our bikes. We had made it about 4 miles away from our house when we noticed the dark black clouds closing in on us. We figured that we could make it home before the rain started coming down. We were way wrong!

We started riding back home, up hill, against 75 mile an hour winds straight into the driving rain / hail. When we finally got to the top of the hill we decided to take a short breather, under the cover of some tall trees. We had barely gotten of our bikes when the transformer directly overhead started raining down sparks. We decided that this was a sign to get back on the road. We got back on our bikes and decided to keep going. There were not any sidewalks where we were so we had to ride on the small ribbon strip of gravel (not the best traction). The people in the steady stream of cars passing us by on the road were either laughing at us or shooting us stares that seemed to say, "I am SOOOO glad I am not you!" We finally got home, just as the rain slowed down and came to a stop. We were physically exhausted, soaked to the bone, and ridiculously sore. Not quite the leisurely bike ride that we had set out on.

One last thing before I get ready for bed. It is important to feel good about your life. Right before we go to bed Shannon and I have gotten in the habit of thinking about 5 things that we are grateful for and/or 5 good deeds we did that day. If that does not work and you are still in a bad mood here are three additional things you can do to feel better (1) go to Walmart, or any other 24 hour shopping center at 3 in the me, you will feel better about your life (2) watch re-runs of Jerry Springer, Judge Judy, etc. Once again, your problems will seem very insignificant (3) log onto Youtube and watch "chocolate rain"...I cannot watch the video and not laugh...If you have not checked it out I would strongly recommend it. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND WATCHING THIS RIGHT BEFORE BED THOUGH OR IT WILL BE STUCK IN YOUR HEAD ALL NIGHT LONG

I have just been told that my guest blog was supposed to be focused more on me and what is going on in my life. It looks like you will be hearing from me again soon.



  1. Hey Kevin,

    You're still a great writer! Keep at it. I wish I had been in one of those cars during the storm. You and Shannon are both inspirations!


  2. very nice! :)
    shannon -- it really makes it easier when you have such strong support from your hubby, doesn't it? we're lucky to have them. of course, they're damn lucky to have us too. hee-hee. hope to see you later today. xo

    i still need to check out "chocolate rain." have you watched "it's so cold in the d" yet?


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