Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Austin Trip and Austin Art Bra Show

My trip to Austin was awesome and the Art Bra Show was once again a huge success. This is my good friend Shauna. Co-founder of the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls, art bra model, survivor, and one of the master minds behind this incredible event.

My friend Catie's dad made this metal bra. People were raving over it all night.

Me, my old oncologist who I loved, Dr Hellerstedt, and my good friend Runi (also Dr H's patient)

Tim and Michele who let me stay at their house and Rhonda love to attend the art bra show every year. I was happy to not be a model this year so I could actually spend some time with them (when I wasn't hugging and catching up with one of the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls)

Some of the hot models they had this year. Totally sexy to be a survivor.

Okay, I'll finally start the blog and stop with the pictures for a second.

My trip to Austin was a blast. 1 million times better than the last one when I got so sick I couldn’t enjoy a moment of it. The first day I stayed with my friends Aaron and Brianna Mottaghi. We went to the bar straight from the airport and I got to see some other Austin friends. I drank water until 2am and didn’t go to sleep until 3. I actually felt hung over.

Saturday I went to the Graphic Art Bra Show (the one I am modeling my art bra show in Michigan after) for the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Austin. They did sell out of tickets with 500 being sold. It was a huge success. I got to see all my Pink Ribbon Cowgirls (my network group in Austin for young women with breast cancer). I miss them so much. It was kind of weird just being at the event and not being an art bra model this time. Then again, it was great because I got to visit with everyone so much more and actually watch and enjoy the show. The art bras this year were amazing and the models looked hot. OMG. Austin has some really good looking breast cancer survivors. This event is truly magical. You get to see these amazing people celebrating their struggles and triumphs together. At this event it is pretty bad ass to be a cancer survivor (not that it isn’t all the time, but at the event you’re more like a celebrity)

My friend’s Rhonda, Michelle and Tim went to the show with me and we went out after. (totally killing the daily routine of liquid until noon/yoga/sauna/enema/meditation/affirmations/get to bed at a reasonable hour) Oh well, on vacation. I still took all my supplements, drank powdered green drink, made one fresh green juice, ate reasonably good (had some salmon) exercised a little. I did what I could, but I am tired and I think it's because I got out of my routine.

Anyway, I got to hang out with the old Riata friends from our old apartment complex. It was great catching up with everyone. I went to Scott and Cindy’s to see their new baby girl who was tiny, and I then went to see my friend Trena’s baby twins that were smaller than the first baby combined. They were premature and are in the NICU, but they are doing great. So cute. Little identical twin girls. That evening a bunch of friends got together for dinner at my favorite place in Austin, Z-Tejas. We goofed around and went to the bar afterward where yes, more water was consumed…and yes, some alcohol for the rest of the group.

Riata crew below. I still remember when we met them all out on the volleyball courts at our apartment complex and how we would spend every Monday night in the hot tub after volleyball.

Monday I went to visit Heaven.....I mean Whole Foods Headquarters. That place is amazing. I wish I lived inside there with access to all this wonderful fresh organic food all the time. They even have a raw foods station with all sorts of creations. Rebecca would appreciate this….I got a pound of sunflower sprouts for $3 at Central Market. I wish I would have had time to go get some to smuggle back to Michigan. That much would cost me about $25 or more in Michigan. I love Austin for that. I have a wonderful Whole Foods really close to my house here in Michigan so I am lucky, but the variety of veggies at Whole Foods and Central Market in Austin is unbelievable.

All in all the trip was wonderful. I think I did pretty good balancing visits with everyone and not making myself go crazy and get run down by doing too much. Usually I try to do too much and then get myself all tired out. I am on the plane while I am writing this, but it will be posted way later. It was sunny and 95 degrees in Austin when I left Kevin called me and told me he got hailed on today. I also heard that it is supposed to snow tonight???? Then, in a couple days it’s supposed to go back to 77 degrees. Oh well. That’s Michigan weather for you.

That's all for now. But coming soon..... (very soon) I have a treat for you. Next couple blogs will be one on colon health and then we have a guest blogger. I'll leave you in suspense wondering who it is, but I'll give you a hint. His name starts with Kev and ends with in.

Peace out Austin

Shannon : )

Happy belated Earth Day.


  1. cute pix! i love the one of you & runi! i'm glad you had a good trip. no modeling this year for you?

    and whoa -- what a deal on the sprouts! :-0

    also, i want that dress. so cute! :)

    miss you, lady! hope to see you at group next week. dinner after?

  2. Great to see you again. We will have to play some sand v-ball when you come down next. I haven't played in over a year. Say hey to Kevin for me.


  3. Hello Shannon,

    My name is Donna and my company, Med Art is working with Rational Therapeutics. Shari Burt had been trying to get in contact with you without luck. Happily for us we found your lovely blog.

    Would you mind contacting me in regards to your experience with RTI. We'd love to chat.

    please email me at

    thanks so much,


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