Thursday, April 16, 2009

Healthy Easter Treats For All of You!!!! Recipes!!! Good Ones!!!

Here is my new Orange Julius recipe. Sooo good. 
Below are incredible recipes so please read because you wouldn't want to miss out on these healthy and VERY YUMMY treats.
Here is a great Martha Stewart-like creation? Fruit kabobs. My sister Stacie (Stewart : )) made these for Easter. Get kabob sticks and put fruit on them. You can get little cookie cutters and make cheese and melons into cute little shapes too. That's what we did. They are fun to eat and these were a huge hit. My kind of treat (as I gave away my pieces of cheese)
My sister Marina, my grandma Arlen and I were getting competitive about who could make the best looking kabob.
What made me incredibly thankful this Easter was the effort my family made to be healthier. I hope this was not just for me and they all understood how being healthy will benefit their lives as well. It does make my life so much easier though, so thank you to my family for the wonderful Easter.

Even my nephew Drew kicked in with his "I love Broccoli" bib. He does love broccoli and he likes my green juice too.
My nephew Miles and I kicked it on the couch for a while. He helps me remember to relax.
My grandma even made an all organic salad. Yummy. Nothing is better than loads of options for salad toppings with Tom's homemade dressing of lemon, olive oil, garlic and herbs. Yum.
Do I have a treat for you. Recipes. But not just any health recipe. These are freaking awesome. They are sweet and delicious. Honestly!!!!

It all started when I had lunch with my friend Rebecca and she told me about a better way to consume my cottage cheese and flax oil which is part of this protocol for cancer by Dr Budwig. There is supposed to be this amazing anti-cancer effect from the combination of the cottage cheese and flax oil. Anyway, I was mixing 6tbs of cottage cheese and 3tbs of flax oil and eating it. It's actually not that bad once you get used to it, but nothing to be excited about.
Rebecca told me to blend them (they are supposed to be blended very well in order to achieve maximum results), add some vanilla almond milk (unsweetened) and then add Stevia to make it sweet. She said it kind of tastes like cake batter and it does.

Then, I decided to get a little creative. I added ice to make it a blended frozen drink and two frozen strawberries. Holy crap!! Yummy!!!! Strawberry shake.
Then, I really got crazy and did the cottage cheese, flax, almond milk, vanilla extract (alcohol free), Stevia, ice and fresh squeezed juice from an orange and it tasted like an orange julius!!! Haaaaaaaaleighluia!!! (that's me singing) I'm sure you can add just about any fruit you like and it will be delicious.
Honestly, it tasted so good I was convinced it was bad. I went over the list of ingredients and make sure they were all good for me to consume...

Here's your recipe:
6 tbs Cottage Cheese - okay because it is part of the cottage cheese/flax oil protocol
20 drops Stevia - really good for you
1/2 cup Almond Milk - good
bunch of Ice - good
1 tbs Vanilla extract - good
Frozen fruit of fresh juice - alright in moderation. Honestly a little goes a long way, so I won't need to add much and it does taste good without any fruit. I've even added cinnamon and made it thicker and it was like ice cream.

Seriously, give it a try. This is my #1 recipe recommendation.
I made it for my family on Easter and they all loved it. I accidentally got vanilla with alcohol and it tasted different and I know that was why. Alcohol free vanilla extract is very important. Kevin and I have been going Orange Julius crazy lately. I honestly need to tame myself down and stop adding so much fruit and fruit juice all the time for myself, because this is part of my supplements and not desert every day. I did go from not looking forward to the cottage cheese, to getting excited hours before I make it. (you can spot the sugar/desert deprived people from a mile away)

Another recipe is a desert as well. It's a chocolate mouse made out of avocado. I actually got it from my sister's deceptively delicious cookbook (a lot of good ideas in there). I made one change to it and that was adding Stevia over a cup of sugar. I don't measure at all so you have to keep adding stuff until you like it. Blend an avocado until it is a puree. Add raw unsweetened cocoa powder, Stevia, some corn starch, almond milk or water....hmmm I think that's all. I cut up strawberries to dip in it. The avocado is a great consistency to make it a mouse and it is healthy loaded with good omega fats (beware of the calories though and don't over do it.)

Last one is cauliflower mashed potatoes. You can do this a few ways, but the idea is to puree, blend or mash the cauliflower and eat it. Kevin is a picky eater because of texture and he hates cauliflower because of the weird texture. I blended it and he had no problem eating it. You can cook it before or consume it raw like I do so I can get all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes out of it (when you cook it you cook that stuff away for the most part) I did straight up raw cauliflower blended with some butter and salt (so Kevin would eat it the first time I tried it) and i heated it on the stove top to make it warm, but not to cook it. I loved it. (Garlic is nice to add too). You can do the same but cook it. You can also mix it with mashed potatoes to hide the good veggies on your family members you are cooking for. Always try to sneak the veggie in. Or, serve the veggies first.

Here's to healthy eating and I'll tell you all soon how Chloe's photo shoot went. I'm getting behind on blogging lately.

Off to Austin tomorrow. Yeah!! Warm weather here I come. If you make any of these recipes, I would love to hear what you think.

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