Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Upload your Kitty picture for Purina and raise money for Komen

Hey everyone,

I was just contacted by the Purina people and told we are doing more Purina Cat promotion stuff September 30th in Chicago (ready for 2 visits in one month Jessica and Joe??)

I think we were supposed to go to New York, but now we're going to Chicago, which is fine with me. This time I think I get to choose if Chloe travels with me and I think I might let her stay home in peace. She's not a huge fan of changes of scenery.

Anyway, they sent me the link www.catchow.com/pink where my story is as well as Missy and Lara's story (the two wonderful survivors I was able to meet for the filming.) You've probably already seen mine, but their stories are really good.

Purina wants people to post a picture of themselves with their cat (no need to be a survivor, just a cat lover) and for every picture posted they will donate $1 to Komen. So why not throw up your picture on the site? I want to go on there and see some familiar faces. Once you post a picture, leave a comment on the blog, so then we can search by name and see you. You can see mine on there.

Let's raise some money for Komen by uploading a picture. Get going!!!

I have to get going to the Dave Matthews Band Concert. : )
- Enjoying summer - Shannon


  1. Hey Shannon,

    I just posted a picture of me and my cat Luke. It should be up in 72 hours. Its from Christmas and we both have on our Santa Hats.

    Lots of Love,
    Jessica Terry

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