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Am I Doing Enough?????

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 05, 2008 11:52 AM

Here is a picture of my green veggie juice I drink almost daily. This stuff is good. I down about 30 ounces.
Hee is my wheatgrass stash. This I only do a 3oz shot at a time. Otherwise, I would throw up.
Here are the basics for my green juice. Cucumbe, celery and kale when I don't have sunflower sprouts. Kale is the easier and cheaper route.
Here is my Epsom salt. I pulled some lavender from my garden and now the salt smells great naturally. Also in the pic is my dry brush. I also have those gloves which can be faster sometimes.
Here is the netti pot. I mix in sea salt and a netti pot solution to the water.

Am I doing enough???
I ask that to myself all the time. Am I doing enough to beat my cancer? This entry will only be to list everything I am doing as an attempt for me to put it all down in writing and see if I am. (for myself)

1. Juice wheatgrass. I am growing trays of it at a time so I can drink about 4 ounces a day. I have a love-hate relationship with wheatgrass. It is so nutritious, but I have developed a hate for the taste. I didn’t hate it at first. I get it down every night though and it does make me feel better. Every time I slam it down I remind myself that it is more nutritious than all the veggies I could eat in a couple days.

2. Juicing veggies – my “green juice” I make every day with the cucumbers, celery, sunflower sprouts, kale and broccoli and whatever else I have in the fridge. This is the green drink that I LOVE unlike the wheatgrass. I never juice with fruit because it has too much sugar and sugar feeds cancer so I don’t need concentrated doses of it in the form of juice.

2. Noni juice. I drink about every day even though it doesn’t taste good and it is expensive. It’s less work than the wheatgrass. It’s a Polynesian fruit that has tons of antioxidants and cancer fighting properties.

3. Reverse Osmosis water. I drink over my 8 glasses a day of the purest water every day. Anyone who knows me well sees me carry around that big grey tank looking thing that is my water container everywhere I go. It’s become so fixed in my hand I sometimes grab it and take it places with me even when I don’t need it. (like running into the bank or something)

4. Water purifier in the whole house. This is so even the water I bathe in is clean enough. No chlorine in any of our water and no heavy metals.

5. UV air filter for the house. So now all the air is super clean that we breathe. This is supposed to get everything a regular air filter doesn’t like mold.

6. Chiropractor. I have a great on I go to 3 times a week.

7. Therapist – I don’t have one yet, but I plan on getting a good one so I can sort out my issues and get the stinkin thinking out of me.

8. Yoga – I try to do yoga 3 times a week. Sometimes I do abs instead (The famous Abs of Steel video)

9. Workout – in addition to yoga we workout. Got a new elliptical machine a couple weeks ago. Once it gets nice I am going to start running again.

10. Supplements – liquid vitamins and minerals, chlorophyll, B6, B12, Omega 3, calcium, Graviola, liquid silver, digestive enzymes

11. Almost all organic food – All my groceries are. My family is good at using organic food for me. Main thing is organic meat and dairy products. I’m actually starting to eat more like a vegan so the only meat I eat (when I cook) is fish and occasionally chicken and I try to stay away from dairy products as well. My diet is about 70% raw when I am good.

12. Chemical-free all natural products throughout the house – from shampoo, face soap, laundry detergent, counter cleaner…everything

13. No red meat, no drinking (not even red wine after dinner) this was actually very easy to do. I ate red meat just to keep variety in my meals, but I don’t love it.

14. No smoking or drugs – so I stay away from other people smoking and when I say no drugs I mean no drugs. Yes, Tylenol, Benadryl and all of those. No sleeping pills, no headache medicine, nothing for colds. NOTHING. They are not good for you. They don’t make you healthy, they just cover up symptoms.

14. Dry brushing – I brush my skin before showering to get the dead skin cells off. This helps the body detox. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is the biggest way we eliminate toxins from our body.

15. Epsom salt soaks – I soak in our tub about once a week with a ton of Epsom salt which is supposed to draw toxins out of you

16. Netti Pot – most people don’t know what this is. It looks like a little tea pot that is porcelain. You use it to drain and clean out your sinuses with salt water. You stick it up a nostril and pour water in and it comes out the other nostril. Oprah had it on her show for all of you Oprah fans. I got my at a health food store, but I think I saw it at Walgreens.

17. Chemo - I almost forgot about that. So I do take drugs, but only what is necessary. I take chemo to kill cancer and regular cells as well. I don’t like getting chemo of course, but for now it is a must. I also get Avastin and Zomeda which both help prevent cancer from growing.

18. Hippocrates Health Institute – I am going to this place for 3 weeks in May. It’s a healing center that is all about detoxing and getting healthy on a raw food alkaline diet. They do everything from wheatgrass, massage, yoga, oxygen therapy to colonics. Yikes!

What else can I do???
Any ideas??? Feel free to let me know your suggestions. I will listen to whatever, but I can’t promise I will be doing what everyone suggests.
Well here are some I know I need to do, but haven’t yet.

1. Meditate – I am a busy body. I have a hard time doing nothing for an hour. I know I need to quiet my mind sometimes. I have the CDs to help me, but I haven’t done it yet. I guess this will be my new goal. Chill out and clear my mind.

2. Colon cleansing – I know I should get this done because it is a huge way to get the built up toxins out of my body (and we know I have a lot of toxins in my body). I’ll be going to Hippocrates and I think I get one there, but I wonder if I should get one sooner. It’s not something people like to talk about and shop for. “So anyone know a good colon cleaner??” yeah….

3. Stop stressing about money, disability, and health insurance – Yeah right. How do you stop worrying about money when your cost of living just skyrocketed, you need disability and health insurance more than ever. I watched Sicko last night which just gets me even more upset about our health care. I’m more upset about the fact that you have to work to get affordable health care, so if you get cancer and can’t work because you’re getting poisoned weekly, you loose your health care if you can’t keep working. Yes there is disability, but what about someone who is stage IV and will have cancer and chemo for life??? HELLO????? Who was the asshole who though this would be a good system. Guess the system makes the insurance companies money. Healthy people pay for it, but when they are sick and really need it, most people loose the insurance because they can’t keep working. Okay, done ranting about that for now

Well I think I am out of ideas (or at least I cannot think of anymore right now) I’m going to keep this list, print it out and hopefully add to it. Hopefully I can move the three under the "need to do" section to the things I "currently do" section in the near future.
I got the big blood test yesterday and I should get results today or tomorrow. I’ll let everyone know. Here's hoping for good news.

Lots of love
Shannon : )

I tried to go snowboarding on Monday, but the mountains were closed because it was 50 degrees and supposed to rain. Boo. Now, all the rain froze so they are icy. I need to wait a little before I try again so I don’t break my hip on the ice. Hopefully I’ll get another chance soon.

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