Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jack Lalanne Juicer vs. Waring Health Juice Extractor

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 09, 2008 09:19 PM

This is the Jack LaLanne juicer.
This is my Waring Pro Juicer. The Jack LaLanne has the good eadvertisement picture and this one is my own with the fingerprints on the side and all.
I got to meet Sephen A Smith at the Piston's vs Celics game.

Results from the Juicer competition are in and the winner is………….Both. I know, kind of anti climactic, but I couldn’t pick one. They both have their pros and cons. I’m going to stick with my juicer because I kind of like it better. It may be because we go way back and have had so many juices together. Here is the list of what we tested and which juicer won.

My sister’s Jack LaLanne (as seen on TV) juicer VS.
My Waring Health Juice Extractor

Taste of juice:
I think they were the same. My Dad picked my juice, but I think the Jack LaLanne juicer had less pulp from the veggies. I never noticed any pulp in my juice until I compared the two and the Jack LaLanne was smoother. My juice is fine though and the pulp is a non issue for the most part.

Amount of juice made:
The Jack Lalanne wins by a hair. Not by much at all. It was not enough for me to consider a new juicer so I get more out of the veggies I am buying. My juicer must be very good if it contends with the Jack LaLanne juicer on amount of juice made since that is the main selling feature Jack stresses in his commercials.

Leftover pulp:
Jack Lalanne wins on this because the pulp is a little drier than the pulp from my juicer and there is less.

Ease of assembly:
My juicer wins on this one. Mine has two less pieces than the LeLanne juicer.

Ease of use:
Tie on this category. Yes, the Jack LeLanne can take whole cucumbers and I have to cut mine in half, but mine pours juice out higher so you can fit all sorts of sizes of glasses under it. Plus, mine has a nice steel can that catches all the juice. With the Jack LaLanne there is only a limited size of containers that will fit under it to catch the juice

Easy to clean:
I give my juicer the win on this one since it has two less pieces. Plus, mine has a smaller screen (probably why I get a little less juice) and the screens take the longest to clean. Less screen, less time to clean.

Mine wins. My juicer is black and stainless. The Jack LaLanne is white. Not sure if I would let this weigh into the decision unless you want to store it on top of your counter. Actually, I think the Jack Lalanne has a stainless model. Mine is smaller though.

Overall, I think they are both nice quality juicers. I like them both. This just made me happier with my juicer because it’s right up there with the famous Jack LaLanne juicer. I have used it so much (about every day so you know it's durable) and I will continue to use it. I’m so happy some of my friends and family have taken to juicing. It truly is the best way to get an intense amount of veggies into your body. I hope everyone starts feeling healthier and happier by using them. I got my sister the book called “The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies” and she loves it. It is so fun to go through and try all the recipes. I HIGHLY recommend this book if you juice. Oh, and also remember if you juice, you get all the vitamins from the fruit and veggies, but you loose the fiber, so you have to make up for that elsewhere.

Pistons lost. I’m sure everyone knows. It still was a great game to be at. They could have won if Chauncy didn’t miss 3 out of 4 free throws in the last few minutes and Rip missed one of his two. Plus the fact that Chauncy threw up an air ball at the end was pretty rare. My point is, if they would have played like they usually do, they would have won the game. We’ll save it for the playoffs. The Celtics are no joke though. Garnett is finally surrounded by talent and that means trouble. I got to meet Stephen A Smith at the game. That was awesome. A highlight of the night for me. He is my favorite basketball analyst on TV….after Charles Barkley. Most people eiher love him or hate him. I like him because he suppoted the Pistons when everyone else thought they couldn't win the championship.

All the snow has melted. Yep, it was a record high 62 degrees yesterday. Today it is pretty warm and rainy. Typical Michigan weather. First, a bunch of snow, then it gets warm and snow melts and then it gets really cold and we are dealing with ice.
I got a CT scan, PET scan and my blood test taken. I am waiting until tomorrow to get my results. Hope they are good. Stay tuned.

Lots of love - Shannon


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