Saturday, September 27, 2008

Making Necklaces and Ranting About Pills and Easter

SUNDAY, MARCH 23, 2008 08:38 PM

Me and Paige on Easter.

Paige and Drew had a good time looking for eggs.
I showed Page how to lick the Robin Egg candies and pant them on your lips to make them colored. She turned her lips blue and thought it was hillarious.
Lauren loved the Easter stickies we got her for the window. She spent about an hour over by the window.

Happy Easter!!! I wrote all this before Easter. We had a great day with our family and I’ll share pictures on my next entry.

Hello everyone, Well, what is new. I have made to date 47 necklaces so far. Yes, I have been busy making them. I kind of like them all. It's been a learning process and I have gotten better and better. First I just started out with regular necklaces with the beads hanging and getting the clasps on correctly. Then, I tried two-tiered necklaces. Then, I started illusion necklaces (where the beads are floating), then I tried some memory wire, and then some chains at the end of the necklaces, and I have even mastered the art of making charms (or pendants - whatever you want to call them) I have sold......1 so far. Yeah Lindsey! She bought one of my favorites. I'm selling them for $20 - $25. Most of the fist ones I made are $20. If someone tries to negotiate with me they will probably win because I am a sucker for people I know. I will be setting up a booth and selling them at the Graphic Art Bra show in Austin April 26th.Yeah! Now I feel like a real artist. I will be donating a percentage of my proceeds to the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Austin. If you are in Michigan and want to buy a necklace, email me at iezzzi@hotmail and I'll make sure to get you what you want. Soon, I'll try to find a store that will sell my necklaces for me. If anyone knows of an art show in Michigan I could sell them at let me know.

So, Austin people.....Kevin is coming into town too for one weekend only. Aril 25th through 27th. We are having a big party Friday night at Angela's house so we can see everyone (stop by), Saturday the 26th is Graphic Art Show and we will be there, and then Sunday he leaves. : ( I will be there from April 16th to the 30th. The 17th through the 20th I will be at The Crossings on a retreat with my cancer idol, Kris Carr. I hope some people decide to go to the Graphic Art Show. You can go to to buy tickets or you can get them at the door. There will be food from Carabas (but show up on time to get the food) and there will be wine and drinks and other stuff. There will be the runway show with the art bras, and tons of art will be silent auctioned and sold. (like my necklaces that you should buy. Hint hint). Kevin doesn't really want me to buy any more supplies until I actually sell some of these, so I need to make some sales. I have spent quite a lot of money on my supplies, but once you start it is addicting and I am always looking for more.

How am I you ask???? Is it the How ARE you? question or the How are YOU? Either way I translate it How is your cancer? It never means the casual "How are you" we normally ask people. I am a brat and I always treat it like a casual "How are you?" and my answer is usually…Fine, how are you? ( as I I act like I missed the emphasis and the implied meaning) I guess I don't talk about my cancer to people much because this is such a long process (never ending) so having cancer is my new norm and life is just moving along. Well, I AM fine. I have had a couple bad days. One horrible day and a few bad days. Mostly good days though. This new chemo is pretty tolerable. I have done yoga 6 times this week. The yoga place has a free first week deal, so I was trying to go every day, but needed a one day break.

Sorry, no health teachings this time. I was just feeling guilty about not writing lately and I wanted to get my pics up. Okay, here is a little health rant (complete 180)… did everyone hear or read the story about the antibiotics and other drugs being in our drinking water? If you haven’t, look it up. Big story. Why are there all these drugs in our water….?. We take antibiotics every time when we get an infection instead of letting our body get stronger and learn how to fight an infection on its own. How about the flu shots? Yes, everyone wants their flu shots. Why is it so bad to have a chance at getting the flu? A lot of people say “I got the flu shot and I didn’t get the flu this year” Well, I didn’t get the flu shot, I have half of my immune system and I didn’t get the flu this year either. I also got one flu shot in my life and I did get the flu that year so go figure. How about blood pressure, cholesterol, insomnia, obesity? Yep, they have medicine for that. But what is causing the high cholesterol, blood pressure etc? These are signs your body are giving you telling you something isn’t right inside (not signs that you need medicine). Taking medicine only masks the problem and makes the symptoms go away, but doesn’t change/improve your body.

Have you paid attention to the commercials lately and seen how many drug commercials there are now? Also, all those side effects they list off at the end of the commercial are proof that our body was not made to handle these drugs. So, once again why are all these drugs in our water? Because people take these drugs that their bodies can’t even metabolize. The drugs don’t go away when you swallow them, so if your body doesn’t use them, they have to go somewhere. You take drugs and you pee them into out water that is then filtered for other stuff, but they do not filter the water for drugs and antibiotics because they are not expecting our water to have that. So, you’re getting extra drugs even if you don’t want to in your water. Reverse Osmosis filters get this stuff out. What can we do to help? We can try to naturally fix some of our ailments we have instead of reaching for the pill bottle we have. Not listen to the commercials and say “yeah, I do feel a little sad once in a while. Maybe I do need that antidepressant.” Know what I mean? Diet is a good way to fix a lot of health problems. As I was writing this I saw a commercial for Lunesta. Lot of side effects come along with your good night of sleep. The media makes medicine look so good and healthy. I want that pretty butterfly in my bedroom at night making sure I am sleeping soundly. Those people in the commercials look healthy and happy. Seriously, watch TV one night and pay close attention to how many commercials there are for medicine and weight loss. It’s crazy.

Sorry to be preachy. I am by no means a saint. I have taken many pills for many reasons. I am learning how badly I treated my body in the past without even thinking about it. Ambien to get sleep, Tylenol for a little headache, Sudafed for a stuffy nose, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on. I’ve been bad bad bad. So, what I am trying to say is no one is perfect. I just hope that maybe someone reads this and maybe gives some natural healing a try even if it is in a very small way. It’s never too late. Wasn’t for me.

This was supposed to be short. Okay I’m done for now. Sorry if I sound too opinionated. Take care everyone.

Lots of love Shannon
And Go State!! What a great basketball game Saturday night.

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