Saturday, September 27, 2008

State - Pistons - Red Wings

THURSDAY, APRIL 03, 2008 04:48 PM

Jarvis Hayes after the game. He was very nice.
Arron Afflalo after the game. He was the player of the game.
Starting lineup of the Wings. MCCarty's first game back. The crowd was so excited.
Me and Kevin enjoying our seats in the 3rd row.

Hey everyone,
Sorry to disappoint, but this will be short. (And this time I mean it). I have to clean the house and pack for our trip to New Orleans. We leave tomorrow morning at 7:40. I have no idea what time it means we would have to wake up in the morning and I kind of don't want to know.

So I had infusion yesterday and we discussed what I am going to do the next couple months. I had the blood test taken yesterday and I just called to get my results but the office is already closed. Argh! Anyway, I get a MRI the 8th and a PET scan the 9th. If nothing changes drastically (for the good or bad) I am going to continue chemo for the month of April, but I will stop in May when I go to Hippocrates. I figure the main thing I will be doing there is detoxing and what good would detoxing be if I went and took chemo every day. I think that would be the perfect time to see how my body deals with some natural remedies. Also, it would be great to feel healthy for a little while. No more chemo aches.

Last weekend was great except the Michigan State game (oops, I wasn't supposed to mention it) Man, it's not the same basketball program as when Kevin and I went there. The Pistons game was awesome. They beat Miami of course, but the best part was that we got to go back and meet a couple of the players. I was having one of my worst chemo days and I was so tired at the game and then this nice guy named Jim came up to my seat and told me that Kevin Schnieders (my brother in law) arranged that we would go back and meet a couple players after the game. And all of a sudden, I was wide awake and super excited. We got to me Arron Afflalo and Jarvis Hayes. They were both so nice to everyone. We got pictures with both of them. I guess everyone in Kevin's family knew that this was set up and everyone kept it a surprise for me. It worked and it was so exciting. The next night we got to go to the Red Wings game (1st game Darren McCarty played after returning) The fans were so excited to see him play, but he didn't start any fights. The game was great. They lost in overtime though.

Okay, no time to spell check or write anymore. I need to pack and clean. I'll write after the trip.
My hair is still making some strides. I almost have normal eyelashes. I can just get the top ones in an eyelash curler. My armpit hair is growing like it used to and I have to shave all the time. Legs are still smooth though. The hair on my head is growing back very light. I think it's almost blonde again. Weird huh? Last time it came back so dark, thick and full. This time it is kind of blond/brown and thin and fine. I actually prefer the dark brown because it shows up more.
I'm getting so excited for Austin and West Palm Beach too. Tomorrow starts the beginning of my super busy two months of travel.

Take care everyone. Have a great weekend. Michigan will be sunny and high of 60 degrees. That's nice. Yes, Austin people, that is great weather for Michigan at this time. Everyone and their brother will be out working in the yard, going for a walk and heck, maybe washing the car in a bathing suit. You know you will Michigan people. ; )


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