Sunday, September 28, 2008

...And Mother Nature gives Back!!

SUNDAY, AUGUST 03, 2008 04:27 PM

My monster zucchini from the garden.
My first harvest. Pretty huh?

We need something a little more upbeat after my last jornal entry. Can you believe the size of the Zucchini that grew in my garden?? I couldn't. I just noticed it today when I was watering. I have never seen them that big. Maybe there is steroids in my soil?? All I used is a little organic fertilizer one time. I also throw the pulp from my juicing in there for some all natural all good nutrients. My cucumbers are huge too. They are awesome for my juicing. I love snacking on all of the tomatoes throughout the day. All the peppers are great and my hot banana peppers are in fact very hot. Anyway, my first garden ever is a HUGE success.

Well, I decided to do the clinical trial at Md Anderson. Kevin booked my flight a few hours ago and I leave for Houston tomorrow morning. I'll stay at my friend Jen's place and also at Paul's when I am there. I'll most likely go to Austin in my down time and stay at Angela's. So, MD Anderson wanted me to stay out there for 2 months and I told them they are crazy. I will be going back and forth from Michigan to Texas a lot in the next month and then about every month for the lenght of the trial I think. I need to work out all the details and right now so much is unknown. It is so unknown that I bought a one way ticket and I am packing enough to stay there a while just in case. Angela told me it was 106 degrees today in Austin so wish me luck. It is such a beautiful time in Michigan I hate to leave. Why can't it be February right now?
Okay, well as you can imagine I have so much to do after booking a last minute flight out for medical reasons and having to pack for 2 weeks just in case.
I'll keep you all posted and let you know all the details about the trial.

Lots of love and very very ridiculiously HUGE veggies

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