Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back From Hippocrates

MONDAY, MAY 26, 2008 09:29 PM

We love our seats at the Piston's games.

Tip off. This is the closest the Pistons ever were to the Celtics in this game.

I missed the 10,000th visit to my site. It was already at 10,012 by the time I got on here. Oh well. I think that is awesome. Think about it. 10,012 times someone has cared enough about me to look at my site and see how I am doing. You guys are awesome. Really. It's amazing to know I am loved (okay I won't get ahead of myself, maybe just liked) by so many people.

So I'm back in Michigan watching the Wings and Pistons at the same time on TV with the DVR. Wings are up 2 - 0 and the Pistons are doing great against Boston. We won't talk about game 3 that I went to with Kevin. It was so incredible being there during the playoffs. I was like an excited kid, but, I was also like a sad kid who wanted to cry after the Pistons played so bad.
I had such a great time at Hippocrates. I recommend anyone who wants a major change or a break in their life to go there, but be prepared to get REALLY healthy. I made so many wonderful friends there. Some will definitely be friends for life. I also learned a lot about food and a raw vegan lifestyle. There are a lot of things I plan to get to be able to eat this way and maintain this diet.

Anyone have a Vita Mix blender, Green Star or Green Power juicer (this does wheatgrass electronically), a dehydrator, and an ice cream maker (I'll explain later) that they don't want anymore and would want to sell to me? Sometimes people get things they intend to use and don't so I was just checking. We're trying to not spend too much on all of this. If you do have any of these things and want to sell them email me at Oh, I also am in the market for an oxygen tank but I might try and see if insurance will pay for some of it.
By the way, the new juicer I recommend is the Green Star and the Green Power.
What???? Not the Jack LeLanne??? The Lelanne is fine if you already have it, but let me explain why I have learned these two are better. First, as I pointed out, it juices wheatgrass. It does it fast too. The juicer I have for wheatgrass is a hand crank juicer you actually get a workout from using if you make 6 ounces at a time like me. The juicers that spin like my Wearing pro and the Lelanne cannot juice wheatgrass or anything with high fiber. They say you shouldn't even put sprouts in them, but I do and it works. The other reason this juicer is better is because it presses the veggies to juice them instead of spinning. I have learned that some of the nutrients are lost when it gets spun at a fast speed. The juicer that presses the veggies preserves more of the nutrients. So, once I get the Green Star or Green Power I will have a hand crank wheatgrass juicer if anyone wants to buy it for a decent price. Most people don't do as much wheatgrass as I do, so a hand crank won't be that bad.

I really do plan to write about my experiences at Hippocrates and I will write all about the stuff I learned, but I think I might be a little busy for a week or so. Heck, I still have laundry to do from my trip. Time to really use up some soap.

What a beautiful weekend we had in Michigan. I could not ask for better weather. We went to my little sister, Paige's, 3 year old birthday party and then the next day we had a birthday party for my brother Connor combined with a late birthday party for me. I got some veggie and herb plants to get my garden started. I cannot wait.

Okay, halftime is over and these games need my full attention. (And so does the laundry in the washer). Ha ha. I'm doing laundry. It's not as haunting to me as it was before if you remember my laundry soap story.
Enjoy the pics of Hippocrates once I put them up. Soon.
By for now.

Sorry if this entry was hard to follow and all over the boards. I'm paying attention to the halftime show and my journal and also my mind has just been a little distracted lately. Got a lot going on.

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