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Some Wheatgrass Nutrition Info

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 09, 2008 08:47 PM

These guys actually made it on America's Got Talent. They were awesome.

What’s up people??!! Well, we’re back from New Orleans and the trip was great. Funny, since I’ve completely stopped drinking we have been on two trips and they have both been to New Orleans. Even though a lot of people were drinking the whole time, we still had such a great time. Friday was beautiful. We hung out at the pool and then ADP (Kevin’s work) had a nice dinner for us and then we went out to Bourban Street. Saturday we went around the French Quarter watched the break dancers, hung out at the pool, gambled, watched the final 4 games and then went out to Bourbon Street. Sunday we went on the fan boat ride and saw a ton of alligators. The guide even put a marshmallow on the gator’s nose too. The weather was great and of course we went to Bourbon Streetat night. I had a great time and it was nice to get away from everyday life for a while.

The rest is about juicing and wheatgrass.

You can grow it at home. I think I have perfected the process in my home.

Chloe LOVES wheatgrass. I have such a healthy kitty.

I am so excited for all the people I have inspired to get juicers. Kevin Schnieders, Chuck and Kristin Burkhart, Angela and Kasey Stephens, more people I can’t remember, and now Mottag and Brianna. Yeah all of you! Hope you love them and use them to be healthy. One hint for all of you is….. I always add water to the finished juice. I like it more watery. It’s easier to drink. I don’t know how much I add. I just run the reverse osmosis filter and count to 8.

So, yes I am considering writing a book. Not sure how I would like to do it though. I go from wanting to just write my story to wanting to put journal entries as a book, to wanting to write a book that is inspirational or maybe even teaching health. I think for sure I want to write about attitude and dealing with a bad prognosis of cancer. I went through some very low times of course, but I was eventually able to accept my prognosis and really start LIVING with cancer.

Okay, so I promised to write some health stuff that I have read and I haven’t yet. I am going to write about wheatgrass this time. I grow it and juice it as you all know. You can buy shots at juice stores or buy the grass to juice yourself at health foods stores. JUST REMEMBER, please do NOT put it into your new Jack Lelanne juicer because they cannot juice wheatgrass and you will kill your juicer. Wheatgrass has to be pressed to be juiced correctly and there is a different juicer that can do that. Wheatgrass is pound for pound about the healthiest thing you can consume.
Here are some health stats on wheatgrass…….(This is all according to the book I read on wheatgrass called “Wheatgrass. Nature’s Finest Medicine)

Grasses are the richest source of chlorophyll on the planet. Chlorophyll’s molecular structure is very similar to hemoglobin. Studies showed that severely anemic rabbits made a quick return to a normal blood count after chlorophyll was administered.
Drinking liquid chlorophyll is also really healthy (and it tastes great) Chlorophyll is famous for its ability to heal wounds. Cell regrowth is increased with chlorophyll. You can use it as a mouthwash and it helps heal canker sores and soar throat.
Grass contains hundreds of vitamins, minerals (actually all known vitamins and minerals), enzymes, amino acids, phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, and immunomodulators (whatever those are)
Eggs have 12% protein, meat 17% and wheatgrass has 25%. So grass is a protein food
Grass is a complete life sustaining food. You could live off of eating just grass
Wheatgrass is excellent for all major and minor minerals; it is especially high in calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and potassium as well as trace minerals like zinc and selenium.
It is also a great source of all B-vitamins including folic acid

And that’s all the facts I have for now. The most important thing for me is knowing I am getting so much nutrition in that juice I have every day. I have felt so much better after I started taking it every day.

Wheatgrass is so potent it can make some people nauseous by drinking it though. You are supposed to drink it on an empty stomach. If you have any questions about this stuff email me or write it in the guestbook.

I’m about to get the movie The Secret. I’m interested in the laws of attraction. I think the movie sells it a little heavy saying you can have ANYTHING you want, but I do believe you can attract a lot of what you want. Your thoughts and feelings are powerful. Has anyone had those moments where you believed something good would happen to you (almost like you predicted it would happen) and it did? I’ve had that happen a few times. I just knew something good would happen (like my name would get drawn from a raffle) and it did. I would get this little feeling in my gut and I would almost feel it happen before it did. I almost felt like I made it happen. Who knows if that was the law of attraction and not just good luck combined with a good feeling. Either way I do believe it is a fact that good thoughts and feelings attract more good thoughts and feelings, so this movie cannot hurt to watch.

All right everyone. I’m out. Have a great week and don’t be a Debbie Downer because you’ll just attract bad things.

Oh, and I didn’t get my blood test results back yet. I forgot to call while I was out of town. I’ll wait until tomorrow and use The Secret to make sure I have a good result so I have to practice my positive thoughts.

So I wrote this journal entry before I got my results and didn’t post the entry yet. Since then, I have gotten my blood test results and I am even more of a believer of the laws of attraction (and I believe in nutrition, exercise, chemo etc etc..) My blood test went down 21% WHOHOO!!! Yes, it went down from 141 to 111 in one month. That’s awesome. Only thing now is I might not stop chemo so soon since everything is going so well.

Lots of love!!


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