Saturday, September 27, 2008

No More Cancer in my Body (Surgery Confirms)


University of Michigan hospital.

Dr Hayes (left) is my medical oncologist at UofM.

BREAKING NEWS!!! UofM can actually get test results in 3 business days; they just won't tell you that. They called me about a half an hour ago and said "good news, both tests came back negative". No cancer spread into the lymph nodes they removed and there were clean margins on the second mass they removed from my breast. That means NO MORE SURGERY!!! Yeah!! I called my mom, dad, and Kevin to start spreading the good news. Hopefully it will spread further once people start reading this.

I still am waiting on the results on the genetic test (the one I fear the most). However, the results of this test will not change how I treat the breast cancer right now. I’m now considering whether to share those results with anyone at all. When I decided to have the genetic test, I did it so I would know if I had the gene. I should have thought further; that my family would also have to find out if they had the gene from my test results. I know a lot of people would rather not know. Now I see why they usually have people go to a genetic counselor before deciding if they want to have the test done.

On a lighter note, I think I might return to Austin as early as next Tuesday. I have to meet with all the specialists at UofM on Monday to discuss the rest of my treatment. I’ll have to see what flights would be like in terms of price. I could always start my Chemo here in Michigan, if I cannot get back in time or tickets are too expensive. I have to work on the Chemo schedule now. It’s difficult during the holidays, and I want to get it on Fridays so Kevin will be with me over the weekends.

The news couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. I started thinking about what was actually going on in my body. I also started thinking about what if the results weren’t negative. Then, I watched a bad episode of Grey’s Anatomy that was about a woman who tested positive for the gene mutation. She decided to have both breasts and ovaries removed because of it. I should not have watched it, but I couldn’t pull myself away. I sat up late and cried my eyes out alone. It totally freaked me out. I’m done being depressed and feeling sorry for myself. I need to start remembering how lucky I am that everything has gone so well so far and that I have such great support through this. I’m happy now!

: ) Shannon : )

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