Saturday, September 27, 2008

MRI and PET Scan Results

TUESDAY, APRIL 15, 2008 11:09 AM

I totally forgot to write about my MRI and PET scan results when I wrote yesterday. Probably because I wasn't too excited about them. The MRI showed everything was still the same. The main problem is the 2.2cm tumor on my left saccrum and still a small spot on my right hip. The PET scan showed no activity on the right hip, which is really good. The left saccrum was pulling glucose at a level of 2.9 last time and this time it is 2.6. I am going to actually figure out what these numbers exactly mean today if I see my oncologist when I go get infusion. I do know that this is not a big drop though, and nothing to really get excited about. It is good to know that nothing is growing though.

My oncologist still thinks I should keep doing the chemo. I planned to do it in April, but I am still unsure if I will do it in May. She is weighing very heavily on the blood test results and since they went down so much, she thinks I should keep going.

Also, I am wondering if it is time to consider some radiation to that bone. Radiation is pretty good at shrinking tumors. My only problem with doing radiation treatments (besides it ruining your skin, having to go get it every day, making you so freakin tired, screwing up your cells, and making you anemic) is that it's a one shot deal. Once you have radiation to a certain area you can't get it there again. I'm trying to save my options. Know what I mean?

Well, I have to go get some infusion (Avastin) and then get back to my day. I'm going to a fundraiser tonight for the Young Adults group at Gildas. I'm donating 3 necklaces to be auctioned. Okay I have a lot to do and have to go. I just wanted to tell you all the results of my scans. I usually make everyone wait so long before I write my results online. Believe me, I know how it goes and it sucks waiting for results. No need to pass that on to all of you.
Next time I write I will be in sunny Austin because that is tomorrow. Wonder if it will feel like home or not. Either way, it will feel warm.

Talk to you soon

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