Saturday, September 27, 2008

Waiting for Surgery in Michigan

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 01, 2005 10:43 AM

Just being a bum around the house. My brothers and sisters kept me company. (I have 3 sisters and two brothers)

Hello Everyone,

Wow, all my friends are funny. I like reading all the messages. You guys keep me laughing. Well, Mottaghi beat me in Fantasy Football this weekend. No thanks to Sully for dropping Tatum Bell. Now, my top 3 draft picks (Culpepper, Deuce McCallister, and Javon Walker) are all out for the year injured. I'm starting to think that this isn't my year for Fantasy Football. Oh well. Spartans won!!! Yeah!! What a game. Lions, not so much. Will we ever have a quarterback we can rely on? When you hear people saying "put Harrington in" that's when you know the Lions are in trouble. Thanks to Kevin's sister, Wendy, and brother in law, Kevin Schnieders, we get to go to a Pistons game (against the Raptors) this Saturday while Kevin is out here visiting me. Yeah! Red wings are of to an almost perfect start. All the games are on TV here which is nice. And that's enough about sports for now. Can you tell I am happy to be in Michigan? I love our teams. Well....the Lions could use a lot of work.

I handed out candy with my mother last night for Halloween. First time I have done that. We actually had really good weather last night. I've been helping out at home a lot and setting up my treatment plan. I went to the nutritionist yesterday. I already eat healthy, but there are a couple things I need to tweak with my diet because of the type of cancer I have and the type of treatment I have to get. The toughest thing about this is understanding why I have cancer (this is why I am expecting the genetic test to be positive). I walk around the cancer center and I don't fit in. I run everyday, exercise all the time, I am a good weight, I eat healthy, etc...Guess I'll quit asking why, and just be happy that I am healthy, so I don't have to change my lifestyle too much, and because my body will be more capable to fight cancer.

I am still waiting on the results of the genetic test though. I'm scared about this one. If I could have any test be negative, it would be this one. Still just recovering from the first surgery and waiting for the next one now. I might not update this journal for a while during the surgery time. I have to get radioactive fluid injected in me (for the sentinel node biopsy) next Thursday, then I will stay overnight in a hotel at the hospital, and I will have the surgery Friday. It should be about 6 hours (I am not sure if that includes waiting time or not). Then, hopefully, I will be sleeping for a long time after the surgery. My family and Kevin will try to spread the word that I'm alright.

Great hearing from everyone. Take it easy, don’t worry about me, and do not take your health for granted.

Love Shannon

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