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Chemo Infusion #1 Down

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2005 12:43 PM

This cat can sleep.

I have to keep Chloe in line with the squirt bottle.

I just realized that I never did a journal entry after Chemo. Well, here we go....
The Chemo room is not fun. It's very creepy. (Even though they try to make it comfortable) We were there from 11am until 5:30 pm. I really didn't have any problems during the Chemo except I got a really bad headache at the end. I read a George Carlin book which was great because I laughed a lot while getting Chemo. I had my new I pod equipped with my favorite “feel good” songs and I had Kevin by my side to keep me company the whole time. The immediate effects of the Chemo were the headache (which I have had ever since then), no appetite at all, and insomnia. I went about four days where I couldn’t eat anything. I never felt sick, but I couldn’t eat anything. I lost 5 pounds tops, because I did force down some nutritious food. All I really want to eat is bread though. Everything else sounds gross. The headache I have learned to live with. This is the side effect of my anti- nausea medicine (go figure). I am not sure if the headache will ever go away. The insomnia is the worst. This is the side effect of the steroids they give me for my nausea and to also prevent me from having an allergic reaction to the Chemo. I think I’ll have to make up for my lack of sleep with frequent naps. All an all, I felt pretty good considering. I’ve kept a smile on my face most of the time.

I got my blood work done this last Friday (1 week after Chemo). My white blood cell count was 6.1 before Chemo (normal is 4.8 to 10.8) and it was down to 1.8. This is normal for someone on Chemo, but it is a concern. I have to really watch myself, and worse, I have to stay away from lots of people because I could get sick really easy. My hemoglobin (red blood cell count) was 13.8 before Chemo (average is 12 to 16) and it was 12.1 after Chemo. This is enough to make me anemic and feel very tired, but isn’t too much of a concern. Both of these must go up before Friday or else I won’t be able to get Chemo as scheduled. I already feel a little less tired than I was Friday.

My grandmother came out to stay with me this past week. She cooked dinner and took me shopping when I was restless. We had a very nice time, but she was a little surprised that we had an ice storm while she was here. We watched Kevin play in a couple soccer games. It's tough for me to watch and not play. I still have all my hair. They said it should be falling out by today, but not a sign of hair loss yet. It should be soon though. Hopefully I don’t sound like I am complaining. Everyone has been asking me what side effects I have been having lately so here you go.

Overall, Chemo is not as bad as I expected, but I am also surprised as to how it is affecting my cells. I thought I would be the exception, the one person who had the same blood counts after Chemo. I thought I would have the doctors puzzled as to how the Chemo did not harm me at all. Guess I can give up that little dream. I am hanging in there and I will be ready for round two on Friday. I am excited to go home for Christmas on the 21st.

Any way, that is my update. I’m doing fine, Kevin is fine and Chloe is a little terror now. We had to purchase a squirt gun to keep her in line. Still sweet as ever, but man, she loves to play. She still loves laying on my lap every chance she’s not playing. I am so happy that we have her.

Take care everyone
Love Shannon

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