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Radiation is Kicking The Crap Out of Me (But, I'm Having a Chemo's Over Party)

THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 2006 02:24 PM

This is our new Neice, Lauren.
This is my little sister Paige.

Hello everyone,
I have set the date for the “Chemo is Over Party”. We will be celebrating of the majority of my cancer treatment being a thing of the past. I have to say sorry to family and friends in Michigan, but this party is in Austin. I’ll get the details out of the way and then write my journal entry. This party is my way of thanking everyone for being so wonderful to me through all of this. It’s also my way to see everyone I haven’t seen in 6 months as I try to get back to normal.

The party is Saturday, April 22nd at the Riata pavilion (our old apartment complex). The address is
12300 RIATA Trace Parkway, Austin TX 78727. The Riata is off of 183 and Oak Knoll (on the northbound side of 183). The pavilion is right next to the headquarters. It is a nice big area that is outside but covered. There are heaters if it gets cold (which it won’t); there is also a ton of ceiling fans to keep everyone cool. They only allow the party to go from 5pm to 10pm. A lot of my good friends will be helping to set up and clean up after as well as help with food and drinks. (They just don’t know it yet). There is parking by the pavilion and plenty of parking across from the headquarters in the business park. DO NOT park on the street because they have threatened that they will tow. I do need help with one thing for the party. We need help with music. We do not have a big stereo and speakers for a party. We’ll probably just play CDs. Please just email me at iezzzi@hotmail if you could help out.

Since our friends usually don’t get tired around 10:00 PM (and hopefully I won’t by then) we could do one of two things. Kevin and I will have our house set up for an after party, or we could just remain at the Riata (but we’d have to take the party to the pools). I think that is all the info I have about the party for now. My friends will be hearing from me very soon. I also will send out an Evite. If you do not get it and you plan to come, email me and I will send you the Evite if you want to RSVP. I do not have everyone’s email address so spread the word. Everyone who knows me and cares about me is invited. There are no limits. Who knows, I might just show my bald head.

The reason the party is April 22nd is because I need some time to recover from all of this. I was doing great with radiation, but that was before it sucked all the energy right out of me. Radiation starts out like chemo. At first you don’t have any bad side effects. Then, one day it sneaks up from behind and hits you like a ton of bricks. My skin is pretty bad. I now spend a good majority of my day treating it because if it gets worse I would have to stop radiation for a while. My main goal is to get my treatment over and done with as soon as possible. I cannot get up in the morning anymore. My eyes feel like they are glued shut. I also feel like I could fall asleep at any given time of the day. Chloe and I take a lot of naps together. I’m getting frustrated because I do not feel sick anymore and I want to start being active again. However, I still black out when I stand up and walking up the stairs seems like a major workout for me. My blood pressure has remained extremely low (around 75 over 55). I get spurts of energy when I am motivated, but doing anything active gets me out of breath very quick, and then is followed up by the complete lack of energy where I could fall asleep at any time.

Anyone who knows me probably understands how much it frustrates me. I don’t want to complain too much because I feel healthy otherwise and I am very excited to be done. My hair is starting to grow back, but very slowly. I think I will have brown hair now. My eyebrows completely fell out not too long ago (about 6 weeks after my last chemo treatment). They are almost fully grown back and they are WAY darker than I have ever had before. The doctors told me that my hair could possibly grow back gray, but most likely brown, so I am more than happy with brown hair. I just have a fuzzy head right now. Nothing I can style with yet. I have 8 more radiation treatments and then I’m sure the testing will begin. MRI, CAT scan, x-rays, ultrasounds etc…

That’s my update for now. Kevin and I are getting very excited for my treatments to be over with. We are also very excited for the party. I hope everyone can make it.

Take care

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