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Crazy Sexy Bootcamp

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 2008 11:34 AM

It's called Crazy Sexy Bootcamp because Kris Carr wrote the book and did the documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer.

Here is the whole boot camp group when we did trapeze

This is my closet (I mean room) at the crossings
I did the split trick on the trapeze. Next time I have to take the intermediate class

Hello everyone,
I’m getting a quick journal entry before I go for a run and then make some necklaces by the pool. So far my trip to Austin has been great. I stayed at Tim and Michele’s house the first night and then Michele took me to The Crossings. When I looked at my schedule I thought I would have a lot of down time there and I might get bored at times. That was far from the case. I was busy the entire time.

My room was pretty much a walk in closet with a desk. It was tiny, but it had everything I needed.

The first day we just did an introduction to everyone in the group. Kris and her posse spoke first and I was the first guest to tell my story. We were discussing how doctors give you a time line and how stupid it is to get one. We also discussed how you have to change your mind to not think that way, so I busted out my laundry detergent story to give an example of how I used to think the wrong way and how I have changed my mind. Like all of you, they loved my laundry detergent story. Honestly though, everyone had such amazing stories and experiences. By the time we got done with the whole circle of people I was thinking my cancer was nothing compared to some of the others. All these people in our group were amazing and we all got to know each other so well. I can only imagine the relationships I will make at Hippocrates when I am there for 3 weeks. I kind of miss seeing them everyday.

We had two spa treatments and I had a facial (hoping to improve my complexion) and a mud wrap (hoping to pull some toxins from my body). They were both awesome. We did a healing circle, creative writing, learned how to meditate, and Kris told us all she has learned about nutrition. I was taking a lot of notes, but I think I will get a lot of the same info at Hippocrates. I know, I promised to tell you all a lot more about what I have learned about nutrition, but we’ll have to wait until I have some down time and I’ll get it together.

We did the trapeze. I love the trapeze!! So we practiced doing the knee hang trick and they thought I should try something new. I didn’t want to at first until I saw Kris doing a split trick. As soon as I saw her do it I was like “If she can do it, I can”. Yeah, I’m competitive. So I did it and I was awesome. You swing from the trapeze and then hang by your hands while doing the splits upside down, then you swing and the guy on the other trapeze is hanging by his knees and you let go in mid air and he catches you and you swing under his arms. So, I had my video camera and I asked Teri to video tape Kris first and then I went second. She got all of Kris and then my camera died right before I took off. I have footage of me swinging upside down, but not getting the catch. I’m trying to talk Angela into going some time next week, so she can try it and I can get my catch on video. Then, we’ll get it on youtube for everyone to see. Yeah!!

We also did trance(sp??) dance the last night. This was weird. We were blindfolded and we danced to this weird music for 1 whole hour. We had to set an intention for the dance. My intention was to let go and not worry about what I was doing. It was funny, at first I would barely move because I was worried that the other blindfolded people could see me. Then, I finally said screw it and I started dancing like a fool. I was cracking myself up. I almost wished they secretly videotaped us and let us purchase them. It would be entertaining. I also got a good workout from it. I kept dancing to what I thought was the front of the room and I tried not to move too much out of my area so I didn’t run into anyone. By the time we were done I was facing the back corner of the room and I had completely switched spots with someone in the opposite corner of the room. I can’t believe me and Denise didn’t run into each other.

Anyway, I am now at Angela and Kasey’s house for the rest of the trip. I over packed big time. Kevin will be here in two days and we’ll be having a big party here by the pool. Okay, I’m eating into my workout time and I need to make sure I am in shape for the bra show on Saturday.

More Loves:
Love finding the perfect pair of jeans that make your but look awesome
Love singing a good (old school) Mariah Carey song as loud as I can (even when Kevin is around)
I love swinging on the trapeze
I love that Kevin signed my guestbook for the second time. We might see him on there a little more throughout these next 4 weeks that I am gone.

Alright, You Michigan people enjoy that beautiful weather you have been having since I have been gone. It’s humid and hot in Austin.
Talk to you in a while.

Lots of love, Shannon

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