Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shannon Update

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2008 02:23 PM

Kevin and I at the Michigan State vs. Eastern Game

Just an update
Hey everyone,
It’s been a while since I have written anything. I don’t have a lesson this time. I just have a Shannon update and maybe I’ll throw in a little piece I’ve written shortly after this entry to buy myself time to write a health lesson. I have a reason for not writing much lately. It is…….Zelda. Yep, good old Nintendo version of Legend of Zelda. My brother in law, Kory, loaded the game on my computer. My sister and I used to be addicted to the game and I asked Kevin if he has ever played it. He hadn’t, so I had to show him and got him completely hooked. We’ve had the game on my computer since Sunday and as of last night (less than a week later) we have defeated level 1-8 and we have all our hearts and we are on the verge of beating the last and final level 9. It’s been a group effort. Kevin has the hand reflexes so he does the actual playing (I think my reflexes are pretty slow due to Taxol and how it does nerve damage to you) I’m Kevin’s co-pilot remembering where all the treasures are and remembering how to kill certain guys. I have maps too so I can tell him where to go. Dorks huh? You would think I would have been more productive with my time home. It has been some really good bonding time and we have been really good with the teamwork. Thanks Kory

Friday, I volunteered at the Arts and Apples Festival in Rochester. I felt good about volunteering, but next time I am going to work a busier shift so I feel a little more needed. Nevertheless, I let them mark a star next to my name so the Paint Creek Center for the Arts can call me if they have other events where they would possibly need volunteers. I talked to them about making bras for the Art Bra Show when we have it and they sounded very interested.

My friend, Damian, (from Michigan but lives in Austin and works at Applied Materials) sent me his season tickets to go to the Michigan State vs. Eastern Michigan game yesterday. He got his tickets 4 rows behind our friend’s, Jessica and Joe, so we met up with them before the game and hung out. Kevin hasn’t been to State for a while and just kept repeating “I feel so old” whenever he saw a group of obnoxious drunk college kids. It was great being on that beautiful campus (on a picture perfect day) and going to the State game. College games are so much more fun to be at than pro games. I’ve never sat outside the student section and this time looking at the student section I was amazed at how cool it looked with everyone doing all the cheers together.

Kevin and I quickly checked out the Arts and Apples fair after we got back from the game. We really only got to see a little because it closed shortly after we got there. It was such a beautiful day though, it deserved to be spent outside (until we got home and beat level 7 and 8 of Zelda)

In a few days I am going to post a little blip I wrote about dealing with death. It took me a month to mentally be in the right state of mind to write about it and it took me another month to be willing to share it with all of you. It’s not anything too exciting, but it will help you all understand some of the mental challenges I try to get through so I can go on with my life in a positive manner. I’m sure anyone diagnosed with cancer can relate to what I wrote.

I feel fine being on this new drug on the trial. No side effects yet. The only issue I have right now is that my port is really sore. It hurts almost all the time now. It’s getting so bad that yesterday it hurt to have the seatbelt touching it. I’m going to talk to the oncologists about having it removed. I’ll deal with IVs if I have to. Getting those once in a while is better than having this huge, red, inflamed foreign object in my chest that I can tell, my body hates being in there. It seriously feels like my body has been slowly pushing this out. It’s very close to the top of my skin. It almost looks like a 3rd nipple (like Chandler in Friends) I literally had to photoshop it out of a picture because it looked like my nipple was peeking out of the top of my shirt it was so red. I would love to have it removed. I can have the surgery while on the study. I look forward to one last surgery and hopefully I won’t have to get any more surgeries.

One last thing. I did a little painting downstairs with the Fresh Aire paint. Holy crap. It has no chemical smell at all. Please consider using this stuff if you plan to do any painting in the future.
Okay, well tomorrow I will be flying to Houston one last time for the month. Yeah!! Anyway, this is the appointment where they will draw blood every hour while I am at MD Anderson all day long. I think I will bring my computer and the charger so I can get a lot of writing done. Maybe I’ll get another health lesson up.

Okay, Bye everyone
(Still not pregnant) Shannon : )

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