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I am Such a Good Snowboarder (Not to Brag Though)

THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 2008 08:48

Since I am a loner at snowboarding, I don't have any pictures of myself. I do however have pictures of some of the first necklaces I made. This one is one of my favorites.
This one I made for Easter.

Hi Everyone.
Sorry to keep you all waiting. I got my blood test results back and they went down which is good. It went down from 154 to 141. Didn’t move too much, but at least it is going in the right direction. I’m feeling pretty good on this new chemo (Xeloda)

I got to go snowboarding yesterday if that tells you how good I am feeling. I went to Pine Knob, the hill we have in Clarkston Michigan. I used to work there every winter only one day a week. The point was to work there just enough so you could go snowboarding for free. Even though I haven’t gone for about 5 years it was like riding a bike for me. By the second run I was on the black diamond and about a half hour later I was doing rail slides. Pine Knob actually has a ton of them there now (they never had them when I used to go there) I went for a while and then my hand foot syndrome (side effect of Xeloda) started bugging me so I took a break and went to my friend, Ian’s, house. Then, I went back up to the hill and this kid at the chair lift said “hey, you were the girl doing the rail slides right?” I don’t know why, but I was so excited that teenagers were talking about me. See this kid wasn’t there when I was doing my tricks, so another kid must have told him. I don’t want to brag, but I was (and still am) a pretty good snowboarder. I could hit jumps and snowboard through any double black diamond. I didn’t jump yesterday because I reminded myself that I still had tumors on my hip bones. I wish I had pictures to show you all but I was out there by myself. I’m a loner when it comes to snowboarding.

So I signed up for two health retreats. I was looking at the crazy sexy cancer web site and saw that Kriss Carr is doing a retreat at The Crossings (where I did trapeze classes in Austin). The Crossings is less than 15 minutes away from my old house. I figured this was a sign since it was during my trip to Austin for the Graphic Art Bra show. We’ll be doing yoga classes, nutrition classes, spa treatments and of course trapeze classes. Then, only three days after I get back from Austin I will be going to Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach FL for a three week course. If you are interested in what I will be doing check it out This is an intense course where you completely change your diet, detox and get your cells all healthy again.

I have been making lots of necklaces. Finally. I think I got the hang of it and have worked out all the kinks. Now, the necklaces I make are just as good as the ones I would buy in the store. Not to brag (okay, so maybe I do like to brag), but I am pretty good at it. My friend Cindy (who got me into beading) will be so proud of me. If anyone has any more beads they want to send me I’ll gladly take them. ; )

I went to another Gilda’s Club meeting tonight. It was good. It’s still not like the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls, but I have met some really cool people and I am so happy that there is something already established here that has made it possible for me to meet all these survivors.

Okay, so I did figure out some things that got left off the list I wrote last journal entry. The main one is humor. Laughter is some good medicine. I just went to see Frank Caliendo last weekend and the show was hilarious. Kevin and I laugh all the time though. I’m pretty hilarious (man, I cannot stop bragging today). Even with all the humor I can create, we are still trying to go to as many comedy shows as possible. The other thing I left off the list is sleeping. This one I really need work with. I guess chemo is supposed to disrupt the sleep wake cycle. Guess it does. Either way, I need to make sure to get enough sleep because this is when the body does its healing.

Soon I will start posting about what I have learned about health. I’ll be covering PH balancing (the acid alkaline diet) and some tips to get your diet in balance, juicing, wheatgrass, why you shouldn’t take medicine if it is not necessary, PURE water, why you should be environmentally friendly and on and on. I figure why let all my research go to waste. I’m starting to notice that people are interested. I’m working on creating an environment in my body where disease cannot grow. Shouldn’t everyone want that even if they are not sick? I know we all get so caught up with thinking our body is indestructible and we constantly dump on it and treat it like a trash can and we don’t think about these things until we are sick. Well, maybe someone who reads this will want to do this even if they aren’t sick and I applaud you. I was reading in a book and someone wrote something to the extent of……everyone is concerned with looking healthy from the outside. If we were judged by the color of our lungs and the surface of our livers, then people would be a lot more concerned with being healthy. I thought that was a good point. You know, instead of some guy saying “get a look at that rack!” he would be saying “get a look at those lungs.” or “Man does she have a great colon. She must have a well balanced diet.” Too bad that isn’t the case.

Okay everyone! Take it easy and we’ll chat soon. Kevin is threatening me that he is going to watch Lost without me, so I got to go. BYE!!

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