Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Chemo Called Xeloda

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2008 01:52 PM

We went sledding again, this time with our neice, Lauren. She is such an adorable girl, but we didn't really get any pictures of her face since it was covered so well.

Lauren liked to watch her mom and dad (Wendy and Kevin) race down the hill.

It is sooooo freaking cold in Michigan. I think the temperature was 3 degrees today, but the wind chill was negative 20. My brothers and sisters school was closed because it was so cold. This is insane. Our friend Matt texted Kevin from Austin last night and said and I quote “we’re just finishing dinner outside. It’s getting hot. How is the weather there?” Ha ha Matt. We’ll send you some messages in the middle of July when it’s 110 degrees in Austin for weeks on end.

Well, plans have changed as far as my treatment plan is concerned. I went to get chemo with my mom on Wednesday and I didn’t get chemo. I did still get Zomeda (for my bones) and Avastin (drug that stops vascular production and stops cancer cells from growing) through IV. I decided to switch up my chemo drugs and start taking Xeloda. This chemo is in pill form. The good thing is I can take the pills at home and I only have to go in for infusion every other week to get my Avastin and Zomeda (one less week of infusion each month). The reason I decided to change drugs is because 1.) I am becoming overly toxic from Taxol, 2.) The neuropathy was getting so bad I was starting to loose coordination of my hands 3.) I’m not getting good results from Taxol anymore 4.) Xeloda should be a little less toxic on my body (hopefully) 5.) It is an effective chemotherapy drug and you usually switch drugs when you stop reacting to the drug you are on. There are a lot more things that weigh into my decision, but I’ll leave it at that.

My hair should have a chance to grow back on Xeloda. Right now it is still falling out from the Taxol though. Kevin told me he has never seen someone happier to grow leg and nose hair than me. I wrote about the importance of eyelashes and that they actually serve a function…..well so do nose hairs. In this weather in Michigan, if your nose gets runny, your nose hairs buy you time. You can say “hey, my nose is runny, I need a tissue” Not quite the case without nose hairs. For me it drips on something at the same time you realize it’s runny. Kind of embarrassing.

So I have been continuing my juicing. Remember my green juice…
2 cucumbers
2 celery stalks
A little broccoli
A little Kale
Some sunflower sprouts
I have started adding watercress and white cabbage to it which makes it super healthy and the juice still tastes great (For my juicing people)

Kevin started doing yoga with me. The video we do is ridiculously difficult, but once you start doing it you get in great shape. I like that he does it with me because I prefer to work out later in the day and I don’t want to miss out on my time with Kevin. I’m starting to feel pretty good being on a strict workout regimen.

We didn’t end up going tobogganing, because it rained that night and then snowed ANOTHER 10 inches the next day. This Michigan weather is messed up. Almost everyone is saying they have never seen so much snow in one winter ever. Weren't we lucky to move here for this record setting winter?

We did however manage to go sledding again. This time we went with our niece, Lauren, Wendy and Kevin. Another fun day in the snow. I am strongly considering a weekend up at Boyne Mountain for some snowboarding. We’ll have to see how I react to this new chemo.

That is all for now. I’m going to write again soon. I am working on an Art Bra for the event called Graphic that the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls and the Breast Cancer Resource Center holds.

Lots of love everyone and remember to eat your veggies and be happy


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