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Lymph Node Needle Biopsy Results Are in

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2005 10:31 PM

Beautiful fall day in Michigan

Hey everyone,
Thanks for all the great messages. Here's the latest news......My needle biopsy of the lymph nodes was negative. Yeah!!!!! So, when I have surgery on Nov 11th, I will have the lumpectomy and a centinal node biopsy (the last test to see if my lymph nodes have cancer). They say the results will take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. I will stay here to recover from the surgery and also to wait and make sure I do not have to have my lymph nodes removed with a third surgery.

I got a wig today. I went with Kevin's sister in law and her mother. They helped me laugh through the process of shopping for one. Some of them were pretty bad and I looked like an idiot, but I finally came across one that didn't look too different from me. It will take some getting used to though. It doesn't feel good on my head. (we'll see when I'm bald)

Also got some great news. My wonderful friend, Chris, got Kevin two tickets to come out here and visit me. Kevin will be visiting me this coming weekend, and then most importantly, he will be here for my surgery. I get to see him when I wake up again which is pretty comforting. Thank you again Chris. You have no idea how much this means to me, my family, Kevin and his family.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!! : )
Take care everyone. Your prayers seem to be working.

Lots of love

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