Sunday, September 28, 2008

Master 100 Item Love List

THURSDAY, JULY 17, 2008 08:51 PM

Pictures of things I love

Love my green juice

Love going to Pistons games

Love when Kevin juices my wheatgrass for me
Love when Chloe squeezes her head with her paws when she sleeps

It's done as promised. I over achieved and did 101. I'll ruin the excitement and let you know that 101 is getting a good massage. I almost felt like the last one should be the best, but then I said screw it and wrote them all down in no particular order. So there, you won't be let down when 101 is only getting a massage. Also, we all know I love my family friends and Chloe, so they are not on the list. This is in addition to the people in my life.
If there is anything else you know I love (and left off), let me know and I'll add it to my list. I think everyone should make their own personal 100 item love list.

Master 100 item love list
1. Love grass in Michigan
2. Love summer in Michigan
3. Love thunderstorms (minus loosing power) and really love lightning (did you know lightning is one of the only two ways to neutralize the amount of excess nitrogen in our land and water? Remember the Dead Zone I wrote about? That was caused by excess nitrogen in the water)
4. Love BBQs
5. Love my garden, which is doing awesome by the way
6. Uniball pens
7. Whole Foods
8. Love finding the perfect pair of jeans that make your but look awesome
9. Love singing a good (old school) Mariah Carey song as loud as I can (even when Kevin is around)
10. I love swinging on the trapeze and doing tricks on it
11. I love jet skiing in the ocean.
12. I love when people sign my guestbook on Caringbridge : )
13. I love when my cat, Chloe, is sleeping and curls her head up in her hands and squeezes herself all tight
14. I love when I get a running high and I feel like I could run forever
15. I love sleeping with the window open, especially with a good thunderstorm going on outside
16. I love HGTV and TLC shows (What not to wear, Designed to Sell, House Hunters…etc)
17. I love Austin
18. I love inspiring people to be happy and think about all the good things in life
19. I love really genuine smiles (and laughs)
20. I love funny beer commercials
21. I love game night with friends or family
22. I love laughing to the point of tears running down my face
23. Rollercoasters, especially The Millenium Force at Cedar Point and the Superman one in Atlanta, Georgia Six Flags
24. Burning candles inside my house
25. I love anything that gives you a good adrenaline rush
26. The smell of fresh cut grass
27. Snowboarding in light fluffy powdery snow (on a black diamond trail)
28. Yoga (especially my Yoga Zone video) and my yoga room
29. Having a conversation with my little sister Paige (who is 3)
30. When Kevin juices my wheatgrass for me and takes a sip to be healthy, but he purposely does not drink too much to take away from what I need to drink for my health
31. Spring flowers (and just spring in general)
32. Running (especially in Austin at Town Lake)
33. Quiet, still nights in the winter when there are big fat fluffy snowflakes falling really slowly and it's just beautiful
34. My super soft blanket and when Kevin, Chloe and I all cuddle up in it together
35. The Biggest Loser (TV show)
36. When my dad picks up the guitar and plays for the heck of it
37. Sports (especially Pistons basketball and football)
38. My new life I am living now (being healthy and having more energy)
39. My green juice (cucumber, celery and sunflower sprouts)
40. I love when Kevin senses my mood is down and makes me list off 5 things I am grateful for. What I love the best is how he always makes me do more after I get to five
41. The way water smells when it comes out of the hose
42. The smell of Chloe’s head
43. Rain and the smell of rain
44. Doing a friendly pushup contest
45. Biking on the trails in Rochester Hills (Paint Creek, Clinton River and Macomb Orchard)
46. The smell of fall (and just fall)
47. Smell of bon fires
48. Downtown Rochester
49. Spotting deer in wildlife
50. The TV show 24 on DVD
51. Chai Tea Latte (big no no on the diet)
52. When Kevin does impressions of Chloe licking her paws and cleaning her head
53. Shopping
54. Decorating our house
55. Lamp
56. Quoting movies like Anchorman and Old School
57. The first big snow in Michigan
58. When my car is completely clean inside and out
59. Going to stand up comedy shows
60. How people landscape their homes so well in Michigan
61. When you’re trying to drive somewhere quickly and you hit all green lights the whole way
62. Our wedding pictures
63. How I feel after being in the sauna for 1 hour
64. Daylilies and how they flower all summer long
65. When a cloud looks exactly like a certain object or creature
66. When a little kid speaks the truth (loves kids’ honesty)
67. Boating on the lake and listening to Sublime
68. My Green Star juicer
69. Canoeing
70. My Garden Tomato facial toner from Burts Bees
71. My Sauna
72. Getting a manicure and pedicure and having my nails look great 2 days afterwards
73. The drinking game (with water) Kevin and I play during 24 (every time Jack yells Dammit!! We have to drink) Keeps us very hydrated
74. Making lists
75. Picking the shells off my sprouted sunflower seeds.
76. Going to Pistons games, red wings, tigers and yes, even Lions games
77. When I lay down for bed and nothing is on my mind and I fall asleep immediately
78. When I don’t wake up the entire night
79. Dangly earrings – they substitute for lack of long hair
80. Back to the Future movies (especially a marathon), The Lost Boys, Goonies, and the Terminator movies.
81. My fresh squeezed lemonade with Stevia to sweeten it
82. The Harry Potter books
83. Sitting on my patio in the morning, listening to the birds and my neighbor’s sprinklers and lawnmowers in the summertime.
84. Anytime I stop thinking about cancer and I plan for stuff way out in the future without worrying about getting ahead of myself
85. Looking at myself in the Bean in Chicago
86. My eyelashes, my eyebrows, my hair on my head, my nose hair, my arm hair, okay all the hair on my body
87. Getting a mosquito before he bites you
88. The numbing spray Keri (who gives me my chemo) uses on me where the huge needle goes into my port
89. Road trips
90. My Abs of Steel video (it’s so 80s but so effective)
91. When the sunset makes the sky turn some intense colors
92. When you are talking to an old friend you haven’t talked to in years and it doesn’t feel like you missed a day
93. Really soft cotton T-shirts
94. The cool side of the pillow (also when Stuart Scott says “he’s as cool as the other side of the pillow” on Sportscenter)
95. Sportscenter
96. Trees and pictures of trees (You’d know that if you’ve been inside my house)
97. Cedar Point (Power Towers, Magnum, Raptor, I could go on and on)
98. Football season (and the excitement of football season coming up after a long summer)
99. Dancing
100. Christmas
101. Getting a good massage
Okay I have a 102
102. Not having to talk about ECOs, ECRs, MRP, OTD, DMRs, MFCs, CES, CPI, FEP, SMT, DSM, SSRDs anymore. All you Applied people are reading this and wish you didn't understand so clearly what I am writing about.
I hope you can relate to a ton of things on the list.

Kevin and I are going to do some things from the list. workout, sauna and an episode of 24. Dammit!!!!!!! Drink : )

Lots of loves

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