Saturday, September 27, 2008

Goooooo Pistons Gooooooo Wings

TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2008 10:07 PM

Still at Hippocrates

Rob and Christine. Two people I spent a ton of time with.
On the right is Tricia. She was the best roomate I had. I switched roomates 3 times because of housing assignments and people going in and out from the 3 week program.
This is the tranquility pond.

I'm watching the Pistons game as I write this. So far not too bad. Tied 34 to 34. So far my friend Jason and I have made it a habit of sneaking out to watch these playoff games. They are not doing any lectures after 8pm anyway. We went to a bar where they ask if they can get us anything and we say NO!!! Well, I get one bottled water. They like us there anyway. Still tip them and all, but we don’t order anything there.

Well, I have just a few days left. Tomorrow is fast day (drink only green juice and no food) but we’re going out to this raw vegan restaurant for dinner, so I didn’t eat dinner tonight and won’t have anything but green juice until tomorrow night. This way I will still get in 24 hours of fasting. I’m getting a little home sick, but now I am also getting sad to leave here. I’m getting so used to hanging out with all these people here at Hippocrates and having the veggie buffet all set out for me every day. It might be a rough transition back to Michigan. I think I’m going to miss it a lot.
The other day I started my chemo again. I kept on my same chemo schedule while I was at Hippocrates. I took it the first week I was there had one week off and started it back up on Saturday.

If you don’t remember, my number one complaint about the chemo is the pain I have in my feet. The chemo causes hand foot syndrome. Stupid name isn’t it. Wish I had a better sounding side effect but that is the technical name or at least that is what my oncologist calls it. Anyway, after two days of chemo I could barely walk around. My feet were raw and hurt so bad. Usually I don’t have that kind of pain until day 6 or 7. So I decided THAT”S IT!!!!! I’M DONE!!! I think my body is telling me the same thing so I decided to listen to my body. NO MORE CHEMO! I totally believe this is the right decision for me. I’m going to start listening to my body more anyway since my body is king (or queen) and not doctors.

I cannot wait to get home and put all this info together and get the latest and greatest beat my cancer for good plan. I mean, if I do about 100 things to beat this how could I not??? With this diet and all this knowledge I have of course I can beat this no problem. I get my blood test results after being here for two weeks on Thursday. It will be nice to see if we can actually see results. I video taped it week one and will video tape it this week so it will be cool to compare.

Okay halftime is over so I need to go and pay close attention to the game. I was able to watch the Wings kill Dallas last night to go to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Great game! So excited for that to start as well. Excited I will be home to watch.

Okay here is the coolest thing and I waited for the end of this post to write it. Guess who is going to game three of the Eastern Conference Playoffs of the Pistons…. That’s right. Second night back and I get to go to the first game back in Detroit. Thank you so much Kevin and Wendy!!!! This made my day and I was having a crappy day at Hippocrates with my feet hurting and all. One of my worst days turned into my best day.

Isn’t it a nice to be a Detroit sports fan??
Talk to you all soon


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