Sunday, September 28, 2008

Done Testing - Hanging in Austin

SATURDAY, AUGUST 09, 2008 12:43 AM

Not Austin pics but a couple pictures of this BMW Drive for the Cure thing some of us Rack Pack members did. It was cool. We got to drive new BMWs from Rochester Hills to Bloomfield.
Some of the first Rack Pack members. Tracie, Stephanie, Erica, me and Alyson.

Well, I am happy with my Fantasy Football team. I was able to make it to Austin just in time to meet some friends up at the bar and draft up my winning roster. I had the last pick but it went well. I am so ready for football season now. I even have the Monday Night Football song on my cell phone ringer again.

I had chest X-ray, a total body bone scan and tons of blood drawn on Thursday. I remembered how much blood I didn't have in my body when I went running at Memorial Park with Paul and felt like passing out. I was wondering what my problem was until I remembered they drew out a lot of my blood that day. Then, I decided to walk the rest of the trail and take it easy the rest of the day.

It is great being back in Austin. Super HOT, but great. Feels like home a little. I just get so comfortable here so quickly. It really made the whole trial decision a lot easier for me because I don't have to feel out of place for such a long period of time.

I got the CT scan appointment moved up to 9:30 Friday (today) so I had to stay in Houston one more night. All in all the scans and tests went fine. I got done with the bone scan and they said they wanted to take a couple more scans of my bones. I asked why and they said they saw spots on my pelvic area (which I know about) but they also mentioned that there was another spot in my chest. It had me a little worried, but I am trying to get it out of my head until I go back on Tuesday and get the full report. I'm sick of worrying about things I cannot control. Why should I waste my energy on that? I need to focus on being super cool instead. I went to Whole Foods tonight and got some cucumbers, celery and kale to juice on Angela's juicer. My day is kind of incomplete without the juice. Cannot wait to have more energy tomorrow after I start my day with some greens.

I've been doing a little ph testing on myself lately. I will have to do an entry explaining the whole ph balance we should have in our body. Either way, my point is that when I drink the green drink(veggie juice), my ph is awesome and when I don't drink the green drink it is an uphill struggle all day long to get my ph at the optimum level. I'll do a whole entry about this because I am tracing my ph with the foods I eat and activities I do and it is amazing what I am learning. Okay, not learning, because I already know what makes your ph go up and don't, but I am confirming that what I studied was completely true.

Lots of love and no more doctors for 3 days
Keep it weird like you lived in Austin

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