Saturday, September 27, 2008

One Week Left at Hippocrates

SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2008 08:47 AM

Ahhhhhh. My favorite hammock. (and my freaking soar feet from the chemo)

This is the machine they put you in that gets your blood moving and oxygenates your cells. My friend Lori. She made me cry when she said her goodbye speech.

Hey everybody!
I have one week left. Actually less than one because one week from now I will be at my little sister, Paige's, 3 year old birthday party in Michigan. It's her birthday today. I am excited to come home, but I have to say I will be sad to leave. Funny how the first couple days I wonder how I will make it through 3 weeks and now I don't want to leave.

So, in one week all the health lessons on the website will start. I'll keep my personal entries separate so if you are not interested in the health stuff you'll know to come back when I do a personal entry. I journaled here every day and I'll share a lot of that too. This place is very inspirational. We had a graduation yesterday and it was amazing to hear the successes that have happened in just three weeks. One man was diabetic and while he was here was able to drop nine of his medications. His blood pressure is actually lower than what it was when he used to take his blood pressure medication. Another lady came in here barely able to walk with a cane and is moving all over the place and lost the cane a week ago. You would never know she ever used a cane before.

So remember the "Am I doing enough list" I posted a while ago. This was the list of things I was doing to beat cancer like wheatgrass, juicing green veggies, epsom salt soaks and so on. Well, that is going to grow a lot. There are a lot of practices/therapies and things I plan to buy to take my health to the next level. Look out bank account. One thing at a time, but I'll have to make a number of purchases right away so I can stay on this diet.

So, Go Pistons and Wings huh?? It is so hard having no TV here while both my teams are playing so good in the playoffs. Luckily I was naturally drawn to, Jason, a sports writer here on my program. He's been a huge support to me and has really helped me keep sane and stay with the program. He's also just become a great friend to me. He even helped me say no to the delicious looking rasberries and strawberries they serve to the people who aren't on the "no sugar at all" diet like me. He has also helped me keep up with what is going on with the playoffs. He writes for Fox Sports, Kansas City Star and does some ESPN stuff and radio shows (fills in for Jim Rome). He is getting a rental car today and I think we might bust out of here and go watch the Wings and the Spurs - Hornets game tonight. Yeah!! I'll finally get my sports fix. So excited.

Well, I have a time limit on the computer and we only have one on site so I have to go.

Smiles and veggies to everyone!

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