Saturday, September 27, 2008

What to do? What to Do? The Chemo Confusion Again

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 2008 09:58 PM

We have gotten so much snow this winter.
Kevin doing his favorite thing in the world. Shoveling.

Okay, so it took a while for me to write a new entry. Hmmmmm what’s new……..

Well my results from some scans are in. The CT scan showed the spots on my liver to still be there, but the PET scan didn’t show any activity in them, so we are thinking it might just be scar tissue now. The PET scan did show some activity by my right hip bone and my left sacrum (meaning there is still active cancer). I think the left sacrum is still tumor, but the right might just be the bone healing. The CA 2729 is down to 158 last time we checked. So, all in all the results were good, but not wonderful. I would like to see all the cancer gone. I’m still aiming to get the CA 2729 down to under 40 which would be normal.

I have been through 24 chemo infusions and it is starting to build up in my body. I am starting to feel worse and worse. My body aches a lot (bones and muscles) especially right after chemo. The neuropothy is getting worse. My hands tingle a lot and my feet do if I am on them a lot. Even the little bit of hair on my head I grew back is falling out again.

Oncologists are starting to think it is time to take a Chemo-Vacation because the Taxol is getting to be too toxic in my body. So what to do from here?????? Remember there is still cancer in my body. I asked 5 different oncologists and I got 5 different responses. One thinks I should stop and just be on hormone therapy for as long as I can. Another thinks I can continue on Taxol as long as my body can stand it. Another thinks I should stay on Avastin (this goes with chemotherapy, but isn’t chemo itself). Another thinks I should switch to a new chemotherapy, so I continue chemo but hopefully the toxin level doesn’t get too high in my body. I think I might stay on Taxol for a little while longer (at least 2 more months). I would LOVE to stop, but I don’t feel comfortable stopping when I still have cancer in my body. I’m confused, but I have done a ton of research to hopefully be making the right decision.

I need something to do now. I am so tired and it is hard to get out of the house some days. I think I am going to start making jewelry. My friend Cindy got me a necklace making starter kit and gave me some lessons. I need some material. Does anyone have some extra beads, charms, etc…? Maybe you have some old necklaces that you don’t want anymore that I could use the jewels from? I bought some stuff yesterday, but it could cost me some money getting started up. If you do have anything I could use, please email me at You can also mail stuff to me at
875 Hampton Circle, Rochester Hills, MI 48307. That would be fun. Getting the mail would be a lot more exciting. Just a thought.

We got a new water and air filtration system (part of why I don’t have any money to buy beads for necklaces). We should now have the cleanest air and water imaginable, which is very important in me getting cancer free. We had very hard water before and now have a softener. This has helped my itchy skin problem a whole lot. We have reverse osmosis in the kitchen sink too. The water is so much better now. It was money well spent. It was scary to see what showed up in out water before we had the filters.

I just got a MRI and I should get the results on that soon. That will give us a better view of the bone tumors. I’m supposed to be going in for my last chemo treatment tomorrow, but now that I am continuing on, it’s just another chemo treatment on my schedule.

Okay everyone. Take it easy. I’ll start writing more often soon.

Lots of love – Shannon -
Oh, and one last thing....I still have about 4 calendars if anyone wants one. Let me know if you do.

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