Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Birthday at Hippocrates

TUESDAY, MAY 06, 2008 09:47 PM

Ha ha. This is what you get at Hippocrates for your birthday. Just kidding. Ranch dressing isn't allowed at Hippocrates.

This is the mother cat and her kitten. I stop and see them every day.

Hey everyone!!
This will be short because we don't really work in computer time in our schedule here at Hippocrates. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY today!!! Yeah!! Not like most other birthdays I have had. No cake. No ice cream. Heck, I am not allowed fruit here. Sounds like a punishment you say??? Well, I do feel good and I'm not too upset about the lack of foods. It's all good. I love West Palm Beach. Perfect weather so far. We get to go to the beach on Sunday. I have attended every lecture so far because I want to learn as much as possible. I have kept a journal on paper, so don't worry, you'll get all the details and info. For now, I just wanted to tell everyone it's my birthday, I'm having a good time, I have met some great people and I'm busy. Send me a message in the guestbook for my birthday. Sorry to everyone I didn't call back today. They discourage the use of cell phones here. I got a ton of calls and I couldn't get to all of them.

So, the Pistons are up 2-0 in their series. Kevin went to the game but was nice enough to text me the play by play all night (no TVs here). The Spurs are down 2-0 to New Orleans too. I know this stings for the Austin people (who are Spurs fans) but that is awesome!! Sorry, I'm just not a Spurs fan.

Missing hockey playoffs and basketball playoffs has been one difficult part of being here. I miss Kevin and Chloe. Luckily there is a nice cat and her little kitten who stay here on campus and are so adorable. I make sure to spend some time with them every day. I also made friends with a sports writer so he feels my pain too when it comes to the playoffs.

So bye for now and in later entries I will tell you all about my experience here at Hippocrates.
Take it easy and remember to breathe deep and clearly


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