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Health Lesson #1 Natural Products

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Here are all the better options I use. Natural Epsom salt scented with lavendar from the garden. Burts Bees shampoo, conditioner, toner, baby oil, sunblock, Alba eye creme and face wash, face scrub and face mask, Giovanni lotion and hair gel, Toms toothpaste, Kiss my Face shave lotion and the Sun sunblock which works the best and smells awesome. Here are the cleaning products we use. Meyer fabric softener, Rain soft detergent, glass cleaner and dish cleaner, Burts Bees hand soap, Wintree laundry soap, and Seventh Generation glass cleaner, kitchen cleaner, carpet cleaner and dish soap. (We rerally like the Seventh Generation products)

Hippocrates Lesson #1
So, this will be a series of lessons where I can relay to all of you what I learned at Hippocrates. This place calls itself a health institute. When you stay here they recommend you stay for 3 weeks for the life change program. They do a live blood cell analysis on week 1 and 3 so you can look at your blood cells and actually see the difference in them. It is amazing to look at. I got to see my white blood cells moving around and doing their jobs. Neutrophils look way different that leukocytes. Anyway, while you are there you go on a strict diet of all living foods. This is about the strictest diet you can go on. It is vegan (no animal products including any dairy), no cooked foods (except slightly warmed soups once a week and a couple grains once in a while), and it focuses on living food (like sprouts, sprouted nuts and seeds) Also, while you are here there are tons of things you do to detox your body and get your body oxygenated and all your cells in perfect health.

Forget all the diet stuff for this entry. I figured I would start it a little light and maybe we could discuss some things that would be really easy to adjust in your life like household products we use. So I will point out a lot of stupid stuff the FDA allows to happen and who knows why. One thing is that all topical products (lotion, makeup, deodorant, sunscreen, soaps, perfumes, as well as all cleaning products etc etc…) are not required to list a warning for having known cancer causing ingredients in the product. The reasoning is this is only required if the product is ingested orally.

So here is why this is so stupid. For a while it was thought that our skin was just a barrier and not an organ that can absorb anything. Well, long time ago that was proven wrong. Now we have birth control patches, nicotine patches, Alzheimer’s patches and so on. Obviously our skin absorbs what we put on it. I will repeat, everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. You have to consider your skin just like any other organ in your body that deserves protecting from toxins. Your skin is the largest organ on your body. There are over 150 toxic cancer-causing ingredients currently used in cosmetic products alone so there is no denying they are in our products. These toxins are absorbed into the body and end up in the liver where they build up and eventually you body will not be able to deal with them and that’s when cells really start to act up. A good rule of thumb is only put it on your skin if you could eat it. (not like it would be good, but it wouldn’t harm you)

This isn’t fun to read because a lot of people get sent those email saying this and that causes cancer. Usually you don’t read it and you delete it while saying in a sarcastic voice “everything causes cancer”. I used to do that. It isn’t fun thinking about what can cause cancer as our friend Kim Taylor made sure we all knew. BUT, of course we will not dwell on this. We will say, “starting now I have more knowledge on the subject and I can make some different decisions in the future because of what I know.” The cool thing is there are safer products are getting more and more popular. Consumers don’t want to buy toxic chemicals and as more and more people understand that most of our products are riddled with this stuff they are switching to better alternatives. Consumers are getting smarter and as a result eventually it will no longer be acceptable to put cancer causing chemicals in out products.

The easy way to switch is to go shopping at Whole Foods. For the most part they have natural toxin free products made by companies that promote health. Buy some natural or organic shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen, body wash, cleaning products maybe some makeup. I know it’s hard to give up the products that work for you. There are no natural sunless tanning and cellulite reducing body lotions. I always thought Herbal Essence smells so good, how could it possibly be bad for you? I’m sure if we really knew what was in everything we bought and remembered that it will absorb into your body when it touches your skin, we would be more selective about the products we buy and use. It’s hard to pass up the sexy packaging, the wonderful smells, and let’s be honest, the amazing results from some of these products (despite what they do to you at a cellular level)

Here are some alternatives that won’t mess with your cells that you love so much….
Body wash options that I have liked so far are Dr Bronners peppermint soap. Dan and Sarah told me about this one. It smells so fresh and makes your body tingle when you use it. Burts Bees, Goivanni, Kiss My Face are other good brands.

For cleaning products one of the most popular brands is Seventh Generation. I have their glass cleaner, surface cleaner, kitchen cleaner, carpet cleaner, laundry soap. Another great laundry soap and softener is Ecos. A brand called Method makes all sorts of cleaners that are not harmful to you. They have wipes, toilet, shower stain remover and an all purpose cleaner. Seventh Generation has made its way in stores like Target too. Keep going to Target and see the new stuff they get. This is the first mainstream store to really start getting green products in they carry. I have seen organic foods, toxin free cleaning products and they now have organic cotton clothes. (cotton gets the most pesticides of any plant in the US) All these cleaning products work just as good as the popular brands. I seriously wonder why they put all this crap in the cleaning products in the first place. Actually, today I went to Target to research for all of you what products they have there and I was amazed. I’ll list them all at the bottom.

Shampoo, conditioner, lotions: Kiss my Face is a popular brand. They have a great shaving lotion. I love the Giovanni lotion, shampoo and conditioner. I use bamboo birch when I want to be a little earthy and I also use the Tea Tree. Giovanni has some cool bottles they are packaged in. You can also use organic coconut oil which is great for lotion. Jason has shampoo soap and lotion. You can use Dr Bronners as shampoo. Avalon Organics also has shampoo and lotion.

Sunscreen: Aubry has a good sunscreen. Burts Bees has sunscreen too. Our favorite is this stuff called Sun. It smells great and goes on nicely. The Burts is thick and sticky.

Toothpaste. There is a brand called Toms which I like a lot. There are a lot of flavors of this toothpaste. I started with apricot and I like it a lot. Mint is great too. They have sensitive stuff too.

Face soap and lotion: Aubry has a few soaps and lotions. The face soap doesn’t foam up though, but it still cleans you. Burts Bees has face soap and tons of lotions. Avalon Organics has lotion and soap too. Our favorite is Alba pineapple enzyme soap. It smells great and lathers up awesome. I also have awesome Alba eye creme, face scrub, and a mask. I like the Alba stuff for the face.

Makeup, lotion, lip balm etc..Burts Bees is a great brand that uses all natural products. There are a wide variety of products in this line. You can also find this brand anywhere. I also saw Organic Wear makeup at Target. I use mineral makeup. You could also use Origins that you always see in the mall. I still don't know what the best makeup to use is.
Deoderant - I tried using other natural ones but had a rough time because I am a sweaty girl. Surprisingly what I found to work the best is the Crystal sea salt stick. I love it and it lasts FOREVER. It's worth a try because other deoderants have aluminum which is bad for you.

So here is a list of the brands that have these products you can look out for:
(hair spray, gel, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and body scrub)
Aubry (sunscreen, face wash, lotion)
Seventh Generation (laundry, dish soap, glass, surface, and carpet cleaner)
Ecos (laundry soap and softener)
Dr. Bronners (there’s only type one soap (in many different scents) but you can use it on your whole body, face and hair)
Kiss my Face (shampoo, shower gel, moisturizer and hand soap)
Burts Bees (They have everything. Makeup, wrinkle reducer, face lotion, body lotion, face scrub, body scrub, eye cream, hand soap, body soap, lip gloss, bug relief, sunscreen etc etc.) (the pomegranate shampoo and conditioner smells awesome)
Toms (I think they have other products like deodorant, but I know they have good toothpaste)
Jason (Shampoo, lotion, soaps)
Method (cleaning wipes in some good scents, toilet cleaner, hand soap, shower cleaner, stain remover and all purpose cleaner)
Avalon organics (shampoo, conditioner, face soap, moisturizer w/ SPF)
Organic Wear (makeup)
Origins (makeup lotion etc)
Alba (face soap and all face stuff)
The list continues to grow so keep your eyes open and read lables.

When I went to Target to do some research for all of you and I was amazed how many natural and organic products they carry. This is great for the people who like one stop shopping. If you think Whole Foods is too expensive, or don’t live close to a Whole Foods you can get most of what you need at Target. Most of the stuff is in a section together called natural something (I can’t remember the name). Go there and you can find almost all the brands I listed. They don’t however have any good choices for deodorant or toothpaste. I bet they soon will.

You can do one of three things. Not concern yourself with this, take the opposite approach and completely throw out all your products and replace them with new toxic free ones, or you can take it slow and as your products run out try a new toxic free one instead.
The main thing I want you to take from this lesson is everything you put on your skin absorbs into your body.

Please list any good toxin free products you use and like in the guestbook if I didn’t list it here so everyone has tons of options. Remember, even if these products cost a little more, think of the extra money you spend as a vote. Every dollar you spend on toxic free products is a vote to eliminate toxins from our environment. You not only protect yourself and your cells, but you also protect the environment.

Okay, that’s all for now. Hope you liked lesson #1
GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!

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