Saturday, September 27, 2008

Leaving for Austin Soon

MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2008 10:03 AM

Our nephew, Drew's, 1st birthday. Love how they never eat the cake, but just get it all over their hands on the 1st birthday.


I cannot believe I leave for Austin in two days. Holy crap. I am not packed or ready yet. I feel like I just got back from New Orleans. We had a busy weekend too with no down time.
My nephew, Drew, turned 1 and we had a birthday party for him. I have officially been an aunt for 1 year. We also had a birthday party for my father in law, Roger, and me. A little early to have my birthday party, but since I will be gone on my birthday and won't be back for over two weeks after my birthday, Kevin's family decided to do mine early.

In a few days I will be at the Crossings meeting one of my cancer idols, Kris Carr, and doing a mini health/detox program in Austin. This will be like a warm up for Hippocrates. I'm excited for it. Doing yoga every day.

I will have my computer in Austin, so I will stay in touch with everyone, although I might be busy.

Okay, sorry to not really write to all of you, but I have a lot to do before I go. I need to pack, clean, have lunch with a friend, hang with Kevin etc...
I'll write from Austin. Looking forward to seeing all of you. And looking forward to the weather. Austin people love making fun of our weather so I'll make it easy for you. After we had these BEAUTIFUL warm sunny almost 70 degree days (you know, when people were out washing cars in bathing suits), we had weather in the 30s and I think I saw mini snow in the air yesterday. Ahhh, Michigan weather.

Okay, bye people. Take care. Hope everyone had a fun weekend.

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