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Chemo #4 Down

SUNDAY, JANUARY 15, 2006 12:21 PM

This is the flyer for the comedy show benefit my Uncle David and family had for me.
Uncle David doing his standup show.

Hey everyone. Quick update. I had Chemo this past Friday. It took three ties to get the IV this time, but it didn’t hurt that bad. I don’t think it will significantly add to the bruising on my arm. I'm not feeling wonderful. I think the cumulative effects of Chemo are taking hold. I don't feel that bad, but I am really tired, my stomach hurts and of course I have a headache. We're just hanging out at the house. This was my last treatment of the first combination of drugs I was supposed to have. The next four treatments I would be getting a different drug called Taxol.

I have differing opinions as to whether I should go through these treatments. UofM says I don't need it and it would be dangerous and my doctor here thinks I should have more because I am so high risk. Some doctors say it's nothing after the first drug, but others who have had it have different stories. I've done so much research on whether it would be better to continue Chemo or not. The side effects of this new Chemo are bad and could be permanent, but the chances of having a reoccurrence are even scarier. I never want to have to go through this again. So, as you can tell, this is one of the toughest treatment decisions I have to make. I could be done with Chemo or I could be at the halfway mark. I'm confused and concerned.

On a lighter note, Kevin is still taking wonderful care of me. He never seems sick of getting me the things I need all day, cooking food, and so on and so on. Also have some friends that have stepped up big time. Thank you Shannon for the care package and CD. I love it. Thank you Angela for doing a Costco run for me and for visiting me. Thank you Trena for the wonderful dinners every Monday. We love visiting with you. Thank you Jen for organizing the shopping trips, and thank you Danny and Chuck for getting us groceries so quickly. Thanks Cindy for setting up the net flicks. Mostly, thank you Uncle David for doing this comedy show benefit at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle. Thank you everyone who is attending. I am honored to have so many people getting together on my behalf. I will be forever grateful. I hope everyone has a great time. I really wish I could be there with all the people supporting me, but I'm not allowed by any crowds.

I have a countdown of days until my last Chemo treatment if I do the Taxol. Its 53 days today. I count every day. After Chemo I have 6 weeks of Radiation, but that should be nothing after Chemo.

Well, maybe I’ll write again and hopefully I’ll be feeling better. It’s great to hear from everyone.

Love Shannon

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