Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do Something Fun

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 04, 2008 04:12 PM

Enjoying all the snow this winter.

My sister, Paige, made her first snow angel.

Me and Zorrow in Downtown Rochester. They had about 20 incredible ice sculptures all along the street..

Well I had a fun weekend. Friday night Jessica and Joe (friends from MSU and Austin) came over and we went out to dinner. Then I dragged them to my grocery store to get a bunch of cucumbers and veggies for my juice (we happened to be next door to the grocery store). It was great having them over. I forgot how long it had been since I have seen them. Now that they moved to Chicago (downtown too) I will be going out there to visit them a lot. I love Chicago. I’m just waiting for the weather to not be so brutal.

Saturday I sat down to watch some TV in the morning and found that out cable was out. So, I decided to pop in a movie instead. I decided to watch Groundhog Day (one of my favorite movies). While watching the movie, I realized that I was watching Groundhog Day on Groundhog’s Day. Crazy coincidence. I had no idea it was Groundhog’s Day. I kept thinking I might wake up the next day and it would still be Groundhog’s Day (you’d get that if you have seen the movie.)

We also went sledding with my little sister and my Dad and Ann. It was so much fun. There is a hill right around the corner from our house. She is only 2 ½ and she is a little daredevil. She just wanted to go faster and faster. That night we had our friends Joe and Meghan over to visit. We went out to eat and played some games at the house after. It’s nice being back in Michigan and being able to have the Michigan friends over our house to visit.

Sunday my mom had a moving party to move her fiancĂ© into her house. We went over there in the morning. Then, Kevin’s sister and brother in law offered us their tickets to the Piston’s game. I was so excited when I realized that they were playing the Mavericks. They are my favorite team after the Pistons. The game was early enough to get over right before the Super bowl. Pistons killed them. I was a little disappointed in how the Mavericks played to be honest, but watching the Pistons was great.

We went to my dad’s house to watch the Super bowl. It was kind of a boring game until the 4th quarter. There were a couple sweet plays by the Giants for the win. I was indifferent about who I wanted to win. I do like the Patriots, but I also like big upsets. Either way, the game was great (at the end).

The other great thing about the weekend was that it was the weekend of my week off chemo, so I was feeling the best I have felt in a month. I LOVE my weeks off. I need them to get my body back together and build a little bit of energy up.

I guess I have chemo on Wednesday this week. I hate going back after my week off. I never feel like I recovered enough to start more chemo. Oh well. Kevin and I have date night once a week. This time I want to get him to take to go on the toboggan trail at Waterford Oaks Park (where I used to lifeguard for a couple summers). They have a trail there and it looks pretty cool. I’ll probably be feeling my best tomorrow, so I hope we can go then.

Well, I think that is all for now. Everyone take care and promise yourself that you will do something fun this week.

Love Shannon

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