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I am Thankful for...

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2005 10:58 PM

This was my 25th birthday dinner. And that is Paul Sullivan in the background.

One good thing about getting breast cancer (because I am sticking to the positives of this experience) is realizing how much support I have.

My family has been a great source of support. My mom was in Austin for the first surgery. I told UofM I brought my posse, when I showed up with my mother, father, step-mother, and grandmother to stay the entire day at UofM for my clinic. They know they have a lot more visits to UofM and I will have someone to support me every time I go there. My sister has been a wonderful support when I need to not talk about my cancer and is also a great babysitter through this.

Kevin's family...basically my family. Thank you so much for everything. The cards, plants, books, and especially phone calls. I am so happy I have you to visit here as well while I await surgery. Mostly, thank you for treating me like a daughter/sister of your own when it comes to helping both of us out through this.

My friends...oh, my wonderful friends...who have been blowing up my phone. I apologize for not answering, but I cannot explain how much it rings. I will be in contact. I miss everyone so much. If I was a crier, I would have cried when I got to Carabas. To see a table of friends and coworkers who support me so much all there to make me feel better about what I am going to face. Thank you everyone for being there more but not treating me any different. You know I will need that. We've never been that serious with each other, but you all are the nicest, most caring, and most thoughtful friends and I really mean that. Wouldn’t even trade you for a Spartan football victory.

Net rippers, thank you so much for playing so good without me. Who knew you could win without me? : ) I heard you won the last game in my honor. Thanks. Also heard you all went in together and got me a very generous gift. Thank you again. If anyone can make something happen for people in need, I know it is this crew of soccer players. I cannot wait to get back out there and play again.

Coworkers/Applied Materials people/friends: Thank you for your support. I cannot think of a better place to work and a more understanding set of managers to deal with in an event like this. Thank you for making work a non-factor when it comes to the list of things I have to worry about. I really respect that and I will be determined to always show my appreciation. Thank you everyone who is handling all my work while I am gone. I’m sure it’s not fun.

Am I forgetting someone????? Anyone??? Oh yeah, Kevin. No seriously. I have told Kevin I will get him a medal of honor at the end of this and I swear I will. I really don’t know where to begin. Kevin has dealt with this from day one along with me. Kevin is used to making my problems go away somehow. Once I learned I had cancer, my world sunk, but Kevin was there to hold me. Kevin had to break the news to my family for me. Kevin had to answer all the phone calls for me. Kevin had to research all the details of getting and treating breast cancer, because I was too upset to read about it yet. Kevin was there when I woke up from surgery. Kevin did everything around the house when I was high off my pills after the surgery and didn’t move from the couch. Kevin did everything possible to take my mind off of cancer at any given time. Kevin, thank you so much for not having a single thing you wouldn’t do to help me get through this. I thank God that I have you and I love you so much.

So this entry was a big thank you to everyone. (Obviously) I’m lucky to have all of you in my life. I feel good about beating this cancer and I know it’s because of all of you. (And because I’m a tough cookie)

Lots of love

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