Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Things I Love

MONDAY, APRIL 21, 2008 12:59 PM

This is the group picture we took at the end of the weekend

Eating lunch (lots of healthy food and happy people)

This is the beautiful view at the crossings

Don't have time right now, but here are more of my Loves in my life. I am so glad other people wanted to write their own love list. It's impossible to write one and be in a bad mood.

1. I love when people sign my guestbook : )
(and let me know their love lists)
2. I love when my cat, Chloe, is sleeping and curls her head up in her hands and squeezes
3. I love when I get a running high and I feel like I could run forever
4. I love sleeping with the window open, especially with a good thunderstorm going on outside
5. I love HGTV and TLC shows
6. I love Austin
7. I love inspiring people to be happy and think about all the good things in life
8. I love really genuine smiles (and laughs)
9. I love funny beer comercials
10. I love Sports Center
11. I love laughing to the point of tears running down my face
12. Rollercoasters, especially The Millenium Force at Cedar Point and the Superman one in Atlanta, Georgia Six Flags
13. I love doing tricks on the trapeze at The Crossings
14. I love anything that gives you a good adreneline rush

What do you love?????????????????????

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