Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chemo Infusion #2 Down: Saying Goodbye to My Hair

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2005 12:16 PM

At least now I can laugh about all the times they tried to get an IV started in my arm.
Honestly?? There were even two attempts where the blue band is.
Kevin helped me through it. We're okay now.

2nd Chemo treatment is done. Two down and 6 more to go. 83 more days until I am done with Chemo (if I keep on my schedule) I think its March 12 for my last treatment. This time took 1 hour less than the last. I had a nurse poke through three of my veins before she got another nurse to do the catheter correctly. (I left the oncology center with 4 band aids within 6 inches of each other on my arm) That wasn't fun. Once again, I got the horrible headache immediately. My doctor is letting me cut my dose of the steroids in half if I keep not having bad nausea. That's really good, because they are giving me all my bad side effects.

My hair is falling out. I cannot wash it or comb it or huge strands fall out, so today is the day. Kevin is going to shave a mow-hawk into my head. We figure, why not have some fun with it. Don't worry...there will be pictures. I'll wait to update the site until after it's done.
So, I am doing fine right now. Usually the day after isn't supposed to be that bad. Just a headache (what's new) and I don't have an appetite for anything except plain bagles. Still watching myself under a microscope. I talked to my doctor about my white blood cell counts last time and found out it almost got to as low as you can get. This is bad, because if I get sick, my body will have no way to fight it off and I'll most likely end up in the hospital for a while. So, this means, if you are sick or have been around anyone sick, stay away from me. I really have to keep my distance. (which is so hard for me. You know I am pretty social and love being around everyone) Everyone who knows they will be around me for the holidays, please take good care of yourselves and stay healthy. I won't be giving any kisses.

Anyway, I wanted everyone to know that I made it through my Chemo and I'm doing all right so far (still have two weeks of side affects to get through, but we hope it's not that bad). My white blood cell count was 7.8 yesterday. Last week it was 6.1 before I started Chemo and it was 1.8 after chemo. (Remember, average is 4.8-10.8) It's higher now, because I get the Neulasta shot which make your body produce white blood cells rapidly and gives you terrible bone pain because of the work your bone marrow is doing. Hopefully, it won't go as low this time.

Take care everyone. Thank you again for being so kind to us. We have the best friends and family anyone could ask for.

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