Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chloe Better Lay off my Wheatgrass


Right next to the wheatgrass Chloe is eating is the cat grass I grew for her. She likes wheatgrass much better.

Here is my all time favorite breast cancer book. It's laugh out loud funny.
Here is the finished product of the art bra I made with all my spare time in chemo.

Is it bad that when I posted there were 6,666 visits on the website?? Kevin said 3 are bad and 4 is good luck. I'll believe that.

I’m actually glad I yelled (with my bold typing) at everyone and told you all to write in my guestbook. It was so great and very entertaining hearing from everyone. Feel free to write whatever you want. There are a lot of people I didn’t realize visited the website until they posted and it was so great to hear from them as well. I get all excited about it. I also liked Jessica and Joe telling me to stop bragging about the good weather in Michigan. It almost made me feel better that it was negative 27 wind chill in Chicago at the time. Made negative 20 feel warm here in Michigan. Anyway, my point is that it was great to have everyone write in the guestbook. I love it. Thank you everyone for “doing loads of laundry for me”. Glad you all liked my story. It was a story that would have been hard to tell earlier, but I feel like I came to terms with it now and I’m glad I told it.

I put up a picture of the wheatgrass I have started growing. I juice wheatgrass for its super nutritional benefits. This is about $40 worth of grass at whole foods. It was super easy to grow. I have only run into one problem…Chloe thinks it’s catnip. I used to grow her tons of catnip all the time in Austin, so as soon as she saw the wheatgrass she was mesmerized. She will do anything to eat my wheatgrass. I was squirting her in the face with the water bottle and she didn’t care. She just kept sitting there eating my wheatgrass with her head soaking wet. I had to lock it up in the spare bedroom. She sits outside the door and cries to get in there with the grass. So, I’m growing her some catnip to distract her but it is not working so far.

I am working on my art bra for the Graphic event. It was funny, I took my art bra to chemo last time and everyone in the waiting room was looking at me like I was crazy. Then again, almost everyone else in the chemotherapy room is 60 years or older, so I already stick out. Then, sit me in there with a bra covered in beads and I stick out even more. Anyway, I stranded every one of these beads on a wire first. It didn’t take as long as it looks. These were some of the beads that were sent to me and I had so many that I figured I should do a bra covered in beads. Then, I just started to sew the strand of beads on to the bra and went in circles until the whole thing will be covered. Once that gets done I’ll see if there is anything else I want to do with the bra.

I also wanted to tell you about my favorite cancer book, Cancer Made me a Shallower Person. I recommend this book to anyone who gets breast cancer and has to go through chemotherapy. This is BY FAR the greatest book I have read since I was diagnosed. Think I must have read it 3 times now. The whole thing is a comic. I laugh out load so many times while reading it. It is so true and relatable to someone who has cancer. I think of it as therapy to read. For one it makes you laugh about your situation and take it a little lighter. Another good thing about the book is it makes you realize that the thoughts and issues you have are actually common and other women with breast cancer feel the same way. If you know anyone with breast cancer, I recommend you get them this book. I donated one to the Beaumont infusion room, one to the Gilda’s Club library, one to my newly diagnosed friend, one to a complete stranger I met at a group meeting through Beaumont, and I have two more copies I will give to someone I meet down the road who could use some laughs.

I’m still doing my juicing every day. Those organic cucumbers are so expensive though. Usually I get them at Pappa Joes where the checkout people don’t know to charge me for organic cucumbers, but this last time they didn’t even have any organic ones. Whole Foods charge $4 a lb for organic ones. Guess they are hard to get this time of year. Hopefully I can grow a lot in my garden this summer and make up for the money I spent this winter. Either way, the cucumbers are good and the juice is great. It makes me feel better every day.

I bought more laundry detergent. Yep. I went to Costco and bought another huge container of laundry detergent (the one my step-mom Ann told me about. It smells gooood). Now I’ll have to live longer. Ha ha. I was laughing as I grabbed it off the shelf. I was thinking that I bet no one in the world has ever bought laundry detergent with the same thought in their head as I did. Guess I turned a very negative thought into a good story, and I can somehow laugh about it now.

Okay, quick health update. I’m still on Xeloda (pill chemo). I’m doing okay. No hair growing back yet. I stare in the mirror every morning like I think that the more time I stare the quicker it will grow back. My main complaint is that it makes me feel like every muscle and bone in my body is sore all the time. Every movement is a struggle. Xeloda occasionally makes me not have an appetite sometimes. I still refuse any anti-nausea medication, because it’s nothing I can’t handle. All and all, I feel alright. I got my blood counts today and I am a superstar. Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets are all normal. Haven’t had any screening tests. I get the CA2729 next week.

Okay, that’s all for now. Got to go make Kevin some fajitas and me some yummy green juice. (And maybe a bite of the fajitas)


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