Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Love it Here

TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2008 08:48 AM

Beach day. I was comfortable finally not wearing my wig. I think I may be done with the wig.
This was another day we went to the beach.

Nut Tacos. Yuuummmmm!!!

Hi There!!
Go Wings huh? Up 3-0 on the Stars. Pistons aren't looking too bad either. Wings are going to be in the Stanley Cup Palyoffs very soon and the Pistons will be in the eastern conference finals before I know it and I am going crazy that I am without TVs. Soon I will be soliciting rides to a close sports bar so I can watch some of these games. They won't mind if I just sit there and drink water.

Things are still going well at Hippocrates. Still learning a ton. New people came this week and we saw a lot of new faces. This past Sunday a few girls and I got out of here and went to an awesome beach called Hollywood. It's just south of Miami. There was a nice organic market there where we got some green juice at. We swam in the ocean a ton. I felt like I was really on vacation then. We walked along the boardwalk and went to an awesome Whole Foods to get some dinner. It was our first challenge to stay on the diet outside the protection of Hippocrates. It's easy to keep the diet while you are here because you have no choice, but in the outside world there is temptations. Anyway we did good. Then we went back to the beach and swam in the ocean until it got dark. It felt soo good. It also felt good to just get away, have a change of scenery and not think about health for a while. I think that is healthy in itself.

Well, I have a treatment to oxygenate my body coming up soon. I am amazed that I am still fine with being here. I am very happy and I am not ancy to leave or anything. I am starting to love the food actually which is huge. It's absolutely beautiful weather here. I will be sad to leave the people I have met here for sure. I do really miss Kevin and Chloe.

Okay, I really have to go. I'll try to write soon.
Breathe deep and smile

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