Saturday, September 27, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

FRIDAY, JANUARY 04, 2008 10:17 PM

Kevin has already shoveled so much this winter and it's only the beginning of January.

Our house with 12 inches of snow.
My poor Texas plates don't know what to do. They're freezing.
More Snow!!!!???
Happy New Year!!!
Almost all the snow melted from the first storm we got when we moved in, and then we got another 10 inches to bring in the New Year. Crazy! Kevin and I had my brother, Connor, and my sister, Marina, over to our house for New Years to play some Dominos and watch movies to have a low key New Year. We figured it would be better to stay in while there was 10 inches of snow falling all night and a bunch of intoxicated people on the road. It was a fun time. Kevin and I went out and shoveled the next morning. We managed to sneak in a couple of snow angels too. The snow was beautiful and great packing snow. Kevin “accidentally” threw a snowball at my head. I got him back though. I kind of like this winter weather and the snow. I really want to go snowboarding, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever have enough energy. We’ll see. It is like 70 degrees in Austin today, only about 60 degrees higher than Michigan, but who’s tracking the difference.

I’m declaring this week “Eyelash Appreciation Week”. I want everyone to take a minute to appreciate your eyelashes and think about how they are taken for granted. Once they are gone can you only really appreciate all they do for you. I have about seven eyelashes on the top of my right eye and about 10 on the top of the left eye (none on the bottom of either). Do me a favor, go in the mirror and count seven to ten eyelashes, or even twenty and then you can appreciate how many you have and how much they do for you. Because I don’t have eyelashes, I am always getting stuff in my eyes. Then, my eyes are always aggravated and they are dry and burn a lot. The worst part is that they are always running (especially when I’m in the wind) I literally have tears running down my face all the time when I am not actually crying. People look at me wondering why I seem emotionally fine, but tears are running down my face. I’m really getting sick of the tears and stuff in my eyes, so I’m looking into getting some glasses to block the wind and debris from getting into my eyes. I’m getting an eye exam tomorrow. I haven’t gotten one in over 10 years, and if I actually do need glasses, my insurance will cover some and it won’t cost me as much. Should I hope I need glasses and can save some money, or should I hope my eyesight is fine, but then I will have to pay a lot more?

Really quick, I will sum up the “how are you doing?” status. This past treatment was rough. My skin is a huge issue now. I have brown patches all over my arms. I guess Taxol causes spotting on your skin. Yeah! Like I need any more help to not look good. My skin is itching like crazy still, but even worse now. Bloody noses are just something that happens, but they don’t even bother me anymore. I have one more round (3 treatments) until I get a chemo break. I got a CT scan today and I get a PET scan and blood work Monday. I should have a lot of info/important results by next Wednesday and a lot of major decisions to make concerning the future of my treatment.
We’re getting settled into the house.

Everyone keeps asking me what I am doing with my time. Well… I’m decorating. Yep. I’m getting our house beautiful. Soon, I’ll be running out of stuff to decorate and I’ll start looking for other stuff to do, but for now I have kept busy. I’ve gone on a couple grocery shopping trips and have the house stocked with veggies. My sister Stacie, got the Jack LaLanne juicer for Christmas. We are going to do a juicing test and compare our machines to see which one works better. We’re going to compare which one is more user friendly, gets more juice out and which one is easier to clean. I’m doing so much juicing lately that I need to make sure to get the best one that makes the most juice.

Yeah for Michigan!!! I am happy to be back in Michigan. Here is a cool thing about living in Michigan…..all the Michigan teams are on TV!! Turn on the TV and the Pistons are on, change the channel and the Red Wings are on. Sweet huh? I finally get to watch my home teams and the teams I actually care about. (No more Spurs and Stars games. Yeah!!) Luckily the regular season for football is done because I try not to watch the Lions anyway. Kevin’s brother in law, Kevin (yes Kevin), has season Piston’s tickets and is giving Kevin (my Kevin) and I tickets to the Pistons vs Celtics game this Saturday night. I’m so excited. Can’t wait to see the Pistons beat the Celtics again. We get to go to the VIP room too. Thank you Kevin!!!

Okay peeps. Got to go for now. I know you’ll all be holding your breath to find out what juicer wins. I’ll let you know on the next entry. Also, everyone root for the Pistons tomorrow. We might get banned from the games (by Kevin) if they loose. They have 11 straight wins, so if they loose when we go, he might stop giving us tickets. ; )

Peace, love, and Go Pistons!!!

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