Sunday, September 28, 2008

Made an Excuse and Stayed in Michigan


Fresh Aire paint found at Home Depo. Absolutely no VOCs (those bad things that mess with your cells and make the paint smell awful) The color goes on just as good as regular paint. I love it.

Stayed in Michigan
Just wanted to send a quick note to everyone. This week I broke a crown on my tooth. (the only crown I have and the only messed up tooth I have) I cracked it when I was flossing. So, I called MD Anderson and made it sound like much more of an emergency than it was and I asked if I could get my tests done here in Michigan. They said okay but they wouldn’t pay for my ticket to be rescheduled. Kevin and I decided it was worth it to be able to stay and so I could go to the dentist. Unfortunately, my insurance only covers a crown every 5 years. In February it will have been 5 years since I got this one, but I can’t wait that long. $940 for a crown. Ouch! Expensive three days in Michigan. I better enjoy them as much as I can. I still have the pills that I take and tomorrow I go to Beaumont and they will do all the tests that MD Anderson require. It's so nice to not have to pack, fly, rent a car, go to MD Anderson, fly and unpack.

Today I was shopping at Home Depot and I saw some paint that has no VOCs. I don’t know what VOCs are, but they are the toxic substances released from paint that damage your cells. They are the reason why you should paint with all the windows open and a mask. I have heard about environmentally friendly paint that has low VOCs but this is the first time I saw paint that has NO VOCs. It is called Fresh Aire. They advertise it saying “Now you can paint with all your windows closed”, but I would still recommend opening them. They have all these funny hippy nature names like Butterfly Wing, Wave of Grain, Organic Garden, Healing Waters etc… There are a good amount of natural looking colors. They don’t have a lot of bold and bright colors. Anyway, if you need to paint I TOTALLY recommend that you buy this paint from Home Depot. It’s $36 a gallon which is a little more than other paints, but aren’t your precious cells worth it. Kevin and I were going to paint the basement soon and I was getting nervous because it’s almost impossible to circulate fresh air down there. Now I am so happy I found this paint.

Also, I get all the Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and Restoration Hardware catalogues and I noticed that this year they are all carrying organic cotton sheets and bedding. How cool? I know those stores are expensive, but my point is that organic bedding is getting mainstream. It won’t be long before it is in every store that carries bedding. I strongly recommend if you are going to buy new sheets that you get organic cotton. Cotton is responsible for the most pesticides sprayed of any crop grown in the country. Also, you sleep in those sheets every night. It like the salesman who is trying to sell you the really expensive mattress telling you it is worth it because you spend so much of your life there. I say organic sheets are worth it.

Lastly I wanted to go back to the first lesson I put up about all the products we use and how there are all natural substitutes that are much better for our bodies. First, I hope some of you have tried some of them and taken a liking to them. Second, I wanted to point out that these products are now all over. I see them in CVS, Wallgreens, basically anywhere there are the other products. Now you don’t have to go out of your way to get them. I think it is so wonderful how being “green” is getting so popular. I say let it be a huge popular fad. It’s one fad that will not only improve the environment but it will lessen the attack we put on our bodies on a daily basis with all the products we started using that were not naturally made. It's time we get back to nature.

Remember, Google the ingredients on the labels if you don’t believe me. You will find many of the ingredients are known carcinogens or are toxic in some way.
Okay, this got a little longer than I intended.


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