Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Love List from The Crossings

SUNDAY, APRIL 20, 2008 12:03 AM

Crazy Sexy Boot Camp. Kris Carr, Aimee, Me, Beth and Terri.

Kris giving us her nutrition lesson

Hello everyone from the Crossings.
It is amazing that the closet sized room I have here has wireless. I have had an awesome time here so far at the Crazy Sexy Cancer Boot camp. I'll have to write about it all in detail in my next entry. I'll give you a little info so far though. I got to meet my cancer idol, Kris Carr. Well, we have been spending almost every waking moment of the weekend with her. It is an amazing group. They all have incredible stories just like me.

We have done yoga ( a little too easy though), workshops on nutrition, meditation, and creative writing. There have been a lot of laughs and tears. We are kept really busy, so I haven't had much down time. I've barely talked to Kevin this weekend. I am very tired, but I wanted to share one of the things I wrote in our creative writing session (more to come). What I am sharing now is the love list. We just wrote a list of things we loved. I tried to stay away from the obvious things like "I love Kevin, and my family and all of you." So don't be offended if you read my love list and then think "hey, she says she loves the smell of fresh cut grass, but she doesn't mention me??? What the heck??"

So here is my love list:
1. The smell of fresh cut grass (obviously. I already told you)
2. Snowboarding in light fluffy powdery snow (on a black diamond trail)
3. Yoga (especially my Yoga Zone video) and my yoga room
4. Having a conversation with my little sister Paige (almost 3 yrs old)
5. When Kevin juices my wheatgrass for me and takes a sip to be healthy, but he purposely does not drink too much to take away from what I need to drink for my health
6. Spring flowers (well spring period after this winter in Michigan)
7. Running (especially in Austin at Town Lake)
8. Quiet, still nights in the winter when there are big fat fluffy snowflakes falling really slowly and it's just beautiful
9. My super soft blanket and when Kevin, Chloe and I all cuddle up in it together
9.5 The Biggest Loser (TV show)
10. When my dad picks up the guitar and plays for the heck of it
11. Sports (especially Pistons basketball, football (not Lions) and hockey)
12. My new life I am living now
13. My green juice
14. Last but not least. I love when Kevin senses my mood is down and makes me list off 5 things I am grateful for. What I love the best is how he always makes me do more after I get to five

We only had 5 minutes, so that was all I got. I thought it was the easiest writing exercise of them all and it was also the easiest to share. Give it a try. You can post something you LOVE in the guestbook. Heck, even share your whole list if you want. I would LOVE to read about what all of you LOVE.

Lots of LOVE for everyone
(and love for the little things)

I might try to make a master LOVE list of 100 things I LOVE. Then, I can keep it around to look at over and over and remember all the good things I LOVE in my life

Okay, off to sleep. I LOVE sleeping with a window open if the weather is right (and it is) : )
LOVE Shannon

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